Don’t Panic, It’s Organic! Buy Sustainable Sanitary Products From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

When it comes to menstrual hygiene, women sure do have a wide range of options to choose from. Thanks to mainstream cinema talking about it, and online groups spreading encouraging messages, we've all started taking menstrual hygiene seriously. If you are looking to take the organic route, check out Yoni Care. Yoni Care is a Dutch brand with operations in Bangalore that makes organic and sustainable sanitary products for women. We are talking about pads and tampons made out of 100 percent organic cotton that won’t harm you or cause any rashes. 

While most of the commercial companies made pads with synthetic cotton, they use organic cotton that is gentle and skin-friendly. At Yoni Care, they stock up on pads for heavy flow (best suitable for the first few days of the period), pads for medium flow, and tampons for light flow. Their packaging is minimal and portable. Each pack of pads contains 10 pieces with wings and tampon packs contains 16 pieces. You can check out their website and Instagram to learn more and place your orders.