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Wrestle with some delicious biryani and shami kabab at a century old Akhara.


Mutton biryani and shami kabab


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The experience of eating in a century-old space, the smoky aroma of wood-fire cooked biryani and a fully functional wrestling pit for company, all add to the slightly enigmatic charm of the place.

What LBB loves eating here

Make sure you reach well before noon, because once the crowd starts pouring in, the food vanishes within an hour or two. The mutton biryani here, come with chunks of tender meat cooked with sticky, short grained rice. Don’t miss out on the delicious pan-fried mutton chops cooked with spices, curry leaves and lots of garlic. We suggest you make a trip on Fridays because that’s the day you get to sample eatery’s famous shammi, a deep fried chana dal and minced mutton kebab, best had moped up with spicy mint chutney and crunchy onions.

The DL on the ambience

The seating arrangement here (on short legged uncomfortable rickety benches) is very basic, but you could always shift to the mud wrestling pit where blankets are spread to accommodate those who couldn’t manage to get a table.

So, we’re thinking…

The novelty factor of eating at Kale Pehelwan is something you will not forget in a hurry.

Where: Kale Pehelwan Ki Gardi, Shivaji Lane, Shivajinagar. The eatery is located 100 metres ahead of the now-defunct Elgin Talkies, in the same lane.

When: Fridays, noon onwards for shammi and biryani, till food lasts.

Contact: no phone

Price: INR 300 for two {approx.}

Image via: Shailaja Rangarajan


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