Your Ultimate Guide To Coracle Ride In Hampi


What Makes It Awesome?

Always been fascinated by the walnut shaped boats, aka Coracle and now w baffled how to go about riding it ? No worries. The southern part of the country is blessed with ample avenues where the dream of Coracle riding can come true any day. One such destination in Karnataka is in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hampi. Though known for its ruins and temples, the natural beauty is abundant in this small country side area. Hampi among others is famous for its Coracle boat rides and it might be tricky to decide for yourself where and how to go about it. Here are the three main places in Hampi where you can get yourself a Coracle and a ride of a lifetime very easily. Thanks us later. 1. Tungabhadra River boating area : Alongside the Virupaksha temple is the glorious river where locals and tourists crowd for its significance. It's the place where one can find Coracles also, at a very cheap price. The ride will cost only 50 bucks per head. Pros : Cheap. Cons: The river generally is crowded, so if you are looking for relaxation , this might not be the one you would like to try. 2. Sanapur Lake : One of the tourists spot is the huge lake with blistering blue green water with boulders bounding it is the Sanapur lake. Most of the days, it's sunny but not unpleasant. The Coracles are charged unit wise so depends on the number of members in your group. Generally, per Coracle, 500-600 bucks is the fare. Easily, 5 people can fit in a coracle. Pros: Amazing views and best place to chill. Cons: Expensive. 3. Sanapur Waterfalls: Not very far from Sanapur lake is this tiny waterfalls, which is very famous for cliff jumping. Hand in hand, locals run Coracle rides amidst the falls and the stream of water. Per head charges can vary from 100 to 200 bucks. Pros: The refreshing natural surroundings, the falls and the cliffs. Cons: Not a lot of Coracles are available so wait time can be a factor of concern.

What Could Be Better?

Bargaining virtue is something that can take one long way in matters of Coracle riding. You can try any one of the above three or all of them. Ultimately what matters is the ride, which is definitely worth it.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids