Enjoy Utterly Yummy Steamed Momos From Zomos-The Momo Company!

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Zomoz The Momo Company has been recommended by a lot of my Foodie friends and they have been making quite a stir on social media, tempting me with their steamed and crispy goodness.  One fine afternoon, after a light lunch we decided to order something light for an evening snack and I suggested we go with the Momos from  Zomoz.  You must know by now, this family is very specific about favourites and for momos, we already have a regular favorite place.  Since I insisted, they agreed though being sceptical.  Being an experiment, ordering for the first time from here, I ordered each of their Steamed Veg Experiment Box and Hot & Crispy Veg Experiment Box.  Didn’t realize that it is the best selling combo box from their menu.
The Steamed Experiment Box had two pieces each of Vegetable, Paneer and Cheese Mushroom momos with a thick spicy red sauce (I hate to call it chutney).  The Hot & Crispy Veg Experiment Box also had two pieces each of Vegetable, Paneer and Cheese Mushroom momos, but it was beautifully crumb coated, with a dusting of peri peri (maybe) and fried, served with some delicious creamy mayo and the thick spicy red sauce. 
The packaging was absolutely perfect, impeccable I should say, no spills from any of the beautifully sealed boxes, just right.
Now comes the interesting part, the tasting.  The steamed momos were absolutely delicious, the outer layer wasn’t too thick, it was just steamed to perfection, and my personal favourite among the three varieties was the mushroom cheese, but the paneer and vegetable were great too.  One suggestion is that the filling could have been a little more generous.  The accompanying sauce was beautiful, with the right level of heat and the perfect texture to dip your momos and dunk it in your mouth.  But the winning title belongs to the Hot & Crispy Momos, we all loved it, the outer coating was delicious, most importantly that tinge of peri peri (we are still hoping it is peri) was all just right, especially when paired with that creamy mayo.
The Momos From Zomoz is highly recommended and has now become our favourite now.  Do try and share your thoughts in the comments section, and we are looking forward to trying more items from the extensive menu of Zomoz, beyond the experiment boxes, soon.