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This Rental Car Service Rents Out A Mercedes-Benz For Just Under INR 5,500 And We Loved It!


    Renting a car for a short drive or getting behind the wheels of your favourite car is now easier thanks to this rental company. We rented out a Mercedes-Benz GLA from Zoom Car and boy were we glad. And all this for just a little under INR 5,500.

    Rent. Drive. Repeat

    Our experience with rental services haven’t always been that great and we were a bit sceptical when it came to Zoom Car as well. But being a friend’s birthday we decided to pay no heed to all those reviews and suggestions, and we went online to book a car. The website is quite easy to navigate and everything is laid out in front. After entering the start and end time {12 hours is what we booked for} and the pickup location {Sony World Signal, Koramangala}, we were redirected to the fleet page where after scrolling through the vast list of Swifts, Scorpios, and several other SUVs and sedans, we spotted our boy — the Mercedes-Benz GLA, a red one that too. While the prices tend to change on a frequent basis, we got our GLA for INR 3960 and that’s a steal when you’re a 4-member squad. After paying the base price and a refundable caution deposit of INR 5000 {total INR 8960}, the only thing left for us to do was to get our scanned copy of our driver’s license approved. You need to upload and carry the original copy for Zoom Car to approve the rental. Post approval, we were on our way to pick up our ride for the night.

    The Experience

    Spotless red, well-maintained interiors, and full fuel tank are what was waiting for us when we went to pick up our Red Riding Hood. Thankfully Zoom Car knows that a Merc needs to be classy as hell, even if it’s a rental. Switching to the obnoxious car enthusiast in us, we can tell you that the car responded like an equestrian show horse on its way to win a gold medal.

    Our only complaint was the audio system that weirdly didn’t sync to any of our mobile devices. End of our 12-hour aimless yet fun drive around the city and beyond its limits, we dropped off the car just the way it was and we got our back our refund money albeit a small reduction because we had exceeded the free kilometre package {Zoom Lite first 120 km free}. In total we paid, INR 5,160, an extra INR 1,200 for the extra kilometres that we had clocked up.

    So, We Are Thinking...

    We really liked the fact that we could book off a Mercedes-Benz late-night. And we really liked that fact that it didn’t burn our pockets too.


    You need to be 24 and above to book vehicles such as Mercedes A Class, Mercedes GLA, Mercedes CLA, Audi Q3, Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour. And yes, original DL is very important guys!