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Want Posh Mughlai Food Delivered To Your Doorstep? Zzungry To The Rescue


Food delivery service Zzungry delivers rich, decadent Mughlai dishes {inspired by the royal kitchens of India apparently} in both meal as well as a la carte versions. We’d say order from them for a party scene rather than work. All that heavy food might make you snooze.

ZZungry Kya?

The first thing we noticed when we received tasting samples from Zzungry was that the food came neatly packaged ins separate boxes inside a nice but sturdy cardboard box — no spillage, no mess. The vegetarian box contained Stuffed Matar Kofta, Chanar Kalia {cottage cheese balls dunked in a Bengali style tomato gravy}, Tandoori Malai Broccoli, And Bharwan Jaitooni Paneer. It also came with a Dhingri Matar Pulao {mushroom and peas pulao} and spinach and tomato rotis. The broccoli was our instant favourite with its mild creamy flavours, while the Stuffed Matar Kofta was also good enough to be mopped up with the rotis. The rest of the dishes had too much masala going on but did taste delicious.

The non vegetarian box came with a cheese stuffed chicken seekh, Murg Burrani, a grilled chicken leg stuffed with more chicken, and Kacha Lanka Murgi {chicken cooked in a green chilli gravy, Bengali style}. We’d have to say that all the non vegetarian dishes were rather good and portions were generous too.

Dessert was a Anjeer Ke Shahi Tukre, but we found it sickly sweet and the fig didn’t really go with the bread pudding, which was soggy.

So, We're Thinking...

We are not sure if ordering this in office is advisable because the food albeit delicious, is really heavy. But when you want to indulge yourself a bit at home or are even calling your friends, order from Zzungry to make your meal that more grand. Plus, the prices have been kept standard, keeping in mind the going pricing for delivery services.

Price: INR 160 upwards