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This Music Research Campus In Auroville Makes Its Own Instruments And Teaches Sound Healing

What Makes It Awesome

Nature has the power to heal your body, mind and soul, and Svaram Musical Instruments and Research Centre in Auroville seems to be a living testimony to that. With years of research, practice and exploration into the ancient Indian culture came up Svaram Musical Instruments and Research Centre. It was set up in 2003 as a centre for getting the people of rural villages together and making musical instruments from the products of nature and it continues doing the same. They make instruments out of mud, clay, wood, seeds, metal and stones. 

Fundamental to its activities and being a research centre, Svaram focuses exploring deeper into the ethnic music production, yoga practices and ways of ancient India in order to inculcate the same with the ideologies of contemporary music-making. And yes, you can buy these instruments as well at Svaram and you will even get help from those selling it on how to use it. They have different types of chimes, air instruments, percussions, sound stones and string instruments. They even make and sell instrument accessories as such strings, tuner, tuning key, mallet and stands.

At Svaram, you can head for a retreat. After years of research and understanding, they have come up with a way to connect the sounds of nature with the peace of mind. The core of the therapy lies in the sound healing bed which is perfect for the vibrations and sounds to resonate with your body. With expertise in Music therapy, the founder Aurelio has taught many healing therapy students the ways and science of sound therapy. You can also opt for a program. The specially created instruments in the new waves series consist of Chimes, plate gongs, tubular bells and pulse tubes which are believed to create pathways ino the deeper states of consciousness into the body. We may not know how far it works or is true but nature is always a bit complicated to understand. So why not give it a try yourself?


They have programs for you to learn the art as well. You can also volunteer in the research and documenting of the processes.

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