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'Tis Mulled Wine Season And These Places Do It Best

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For the uninitiated, mulled wine is a warm aromatic drink made with red wine and spices like cinnamon, cloves, star anise, nutmeg and cardamom. There’s no better time to try this comforting drink than during winter, and, to ensure that you fully realise the power of a potent glass of mulled wine, we’re telling you the 10 places in the city we keep going back to.

Old Monk may be a standard winter staple, but perhaps, you could give this festive drink a shot too?

Music & Mountains—Hillside Cafe

Music & Mountains sells close to 100 glasses of mulled wine a day during the Yuletide season, which itself is a testimony to the fact that it’s definitely one of city’s best. Chef Parul at Music & Mountains tells us that they use a recipe from her childhood days in Darjeeling, which is more than 35 years old. Yes, it involves the whole ‘secret’ spice blend, port wine and brandy, and while they make a fresh batch every day, because of the spices, the mulled wine at Music & Mountains tastes like it has been mulled for days.

Price: INR 625 + taxes/glass

Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

For once, ditch that sangria or spritzer at Perch, and try their mulled wine with homemade honey, spices, dark rum and red wine. If you only prefer your cocktails chilled, a dupe mulled wine (as we like to call it) is their Home-Made Spiced Wine on Ice. We’ve heard great things about it, and are definitely trying it on our next visit (which, considering how good it sounds, will be pretty soon).

Price: INR 475 + taxes/glass

FIO Cookhouse & Bar

For pretty-as-a-picture food and a lovely ambience, FIO Cookhouse & Bar in Nehru Place has to be a part of our creme-de-la-creme of choice. Now that winter’s here, we can’t wait to get our hands on a glass of their mulled wine made using Chilean Red Wine and spices like cinnamon stick and cardamom.

Price: INR 695 (Nehru Place) + taxes/glass

United Coffee House Rewind

Our colleague recommends United Coffee House's mulled wine for being a perfectly-balanced version every enthusiast should try. There's just enough spices, orange zest—and these aren't overpowering at all, so you can actually taste the wine. It's just the right temperature, too. 

Price: INR 529 + taxes 

Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy

Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy is one of best bars in Gurgaon, so naturally it features on our list of places to hit up for mulled wine. Here, they offer two types - A strawberry mulled wine and the classic mulled wine with all the soothing spices and fruits. Drop by this spot on a weekday (weekends here are crazy!), grab a glass of your preferred mulled wine, and you'll be in jolly good time. 

Price: Starting at INR 575 + taxes 

OLLY - Olive's All Day Cafe & Bar

We absolutely love Olly's food and another reason why we're planning a trip to this cafe and bar this season is their spice-infused warm mulled wine. But we won't lie, it's expensive, and we'll probably save the trip here for payday or well, Christmas (because hey, what's Christmas without wine?!). 

Price: INR 600 + taxes 

Town Hall

Town Hall is a spot that's known for its epic sushi and heady cocktails, and thankfully, for their mulled wine too. They do the classic all-spices mulled wine that's everything you'd want on a cold winter day.  

Price: Starting at INR 595 + taxes

SAZ - American Brasserie

The mulled wine at SAZ comes with red wine, triple sec, sugar, winter spices, and oranges with all-spice. The result? A heady, comforting concoction that's well, winter in a glass.

Price: INR 825 (inclusive of all taxes)

The Grammar Room

Nothing goes better than Grammar Room's snug setting and a glass of classic mulled wine. The best part? They serve it throughout the day, and all through winter. We’re planning a binge-drinking session with friends soon, coupled with their TGR Fried Chicken, of course.

Price: INR 595 + taxes

Fig & Maple

Overtime, Fig & Maple has become a favourite, especially among those who love experimental drinks and fusion food. However, with their mulled wine, this place sticks to the classics with all-spices and red wine. Plan a winter date here soon then? 

Price: INR 650 + taxes 


Now that your glass of classic mulled wine is sorted, here are all the places serving one of the best Christmas desserts. Oh, and if you're hosting a tiny Christmas party this year around, head to these places for all your Christmas decor needs.  

Disclaimer: While all the places listed above are following various safety protocols, it's crucial that we take our own precautions by practising social distancing and wearing masks at all times while heading out.