How To Maximise Space & Set Up A 1 BHK House With Products Under INR 3,000


    There's much you can do with a 1 BHK home although it seems hard to believe. The key is to smartly fill whatever little floor and wall space you have with multi-functional and eye-catchy elements without overcrowding it. Remember, you don't want to choke an already snug apartment/home. Another important aspect is to incorporate clever design must-haves and avoid things that just don't work. Don't worry, we've listed them all below in this handy-dandy guide on how to set up a 1 BHK House. The steps and tips in this list not only optimise space and make a frowned upon 1 BHK more liveable, the hand-picked products also come at affordable prices, under INR 3,000 to be specific. We know you're on a tight budget!

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    Step 1: Mix Neutrals With Pops Of Colour


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    Too much colour, more specifically too many bright colours everywhere can drown a 1 BHK. The key with colour is to pick neutral shades and cleverly pair it with pops of vibrant blues, pinks, yellows  - be it in the paint you pick or patterned upholstery and general furnishing. Understand that muted tones, pastels and colours like white or grey will make any room (bedroom, kitchen or living) look decluttered, more airy and spacious while one or two colourful elements will add nuance and an overall clean and fresh look. We'd suggest painting the entire 1 BHK with classic whites, neutral tans and greys, and keeping the bolder colours limited to one or two accent walls (pro-tip: use designed/embossed wallpaper).You could also keep the paint monotone over all and experiment with bright and printed floor-to-ceiling curtains like this Damask weave long curtain in blue or rust from Vermillion Lifestyle (this is a long, 9-feet door curtain, so it'll definitely stand-out) or this juntos mi casa artsy curtain from Over A Pint Of Beer. Switching up cushion covers and bedsheets is another great way to sneak in colour without overkill. We're totally recommending the whole of SWHF's cushion cover collection, all under INR 750 and Klotthe's bed covers under INR 2,500.

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    Step 2: Pick Multi-use Decor Accents

    Indian Yards

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    In an effort to save space and still make your 1 BHK home efficient and full of pretty knick knacks and hidden gems, you must pick multi-functional decor accents. Basically, a piece of decor that is not just aesthetically pleasing but also serves a purpose. This macrame wall hanging shelf from Indian Yards for example, that is a wall accent plus can hold books, tea lights, planters and more. We also like the idea of installing this set of floating wall hanging wooden shelves rack from Yatha for colour and use. Decorative jars like this amaryllis hand-painted jar from Folkstorys, planters that double as trinket dishes like this Eliteearth concrete floater planter and nifty kitchen essentials like this printed cutlery wall mount holder from Brick Brown, decorative wine rack from Nestroots and wooden towel holder/rack with shelf for kitchen from The Weavers Nest are all space saving, highly utilitarian winners! For more luxurious items, shop this octagonal decorative box in brass and glass from aptly named, 1 BHK Interiors or this painted box by Art by Anita.

    Other brands to check out: Door to Home, Amaya Decors, Crayton

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    Step 3: Invest In Smart Storage Pieces

    Sashaa World

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    A cleverly designed 1 BHK will have sneakily included storage units and items all over the house. To maximise space and use, get this black basket set from Sashaa World that comes in three different sizes to store laundry, make-up or books and magazines. We're also digging this organiser basket for the kitchen from Kopou Homegrown Products, and this black metal wire basket from Hollyhock. SPIN is another cool, IKEA-type brand that has cool storage options - tool kits to storage baskets to cool wall hooks, pen stands and trays, all designed to take up little space but hold a lot. Prices here stay well under INR 3,000 too. Speaking of smart storage, pay attention to the furniture you pick out to set up your 1 BHK - it is important to buy pieces like coffee tables with storage spaces, pouffes or sofas that double as covered bins, a bed with storage and a slim TV unit with cabinet to shove away CDs, electronics and books.

    Other brands to check out: My Gift Booth, House This, The Tickle Toe

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    Step 4: Add Different Seating + Smart Furniture

    Amoli Concepts

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    Furniture can make or break a 1 BHK. Make sure to pick out smart options like a pull-out couch-cum-bed, side table or expandable table with seating option, foldable dining table or a Murphy bed. For the living room, focus on picking out multiple types of seating (nesting stools, foldable chairs) options rather than to get one bulky piece of furniture that will eat up all the space. One way to accomplish this and accommodate more guests is by using pretty stools or pouffes like this log stool with iron legs from Amoliconcepts or this jute textured cube pouffe or smocking textured puffy stool from the brand Sheen Decor. Also occupying less space and easy to stow away when not in use would be this light weight, handcrafted rattan tray table or this collapsible wooden table from Take Me Home - use it in the hall or as a bedside table. Diversifying furniture this way is going to save you a lot of space and also make your home look fly!

    Other brands to check out: The Decor Remedy, Unisoul, FurnitureRoots

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    Step 5: Choose The Right Lighting


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    Natural or artificial, light can make any space look big. Aside from picking a 1 BHK home with many windows (doesn't seem like a reality, but try), a foolproof way to make your apartment look bigger is to buy lamps and lighting - pendant lights and wall-mounted lights to be exact. These will shine light from higher angles, so brightness fills in the space all over plus they do not take up floor space which we've already got less of! Ceiling and wall lights are usually expensive but we're hitting you with under INR 2,000 and uber stylish options in this canopy macrame pattern ceiling lamp from Aadyashre and this cool pandora origami ceiling lamp from Codedgami. Fos Lighting has way too many styles of wall lights for us to choose from, take a look for yourself and don't forget to filter by price low-high to be hit with picks as low as INR 1,400. 

    Other brands to check out: Oorja, Decon, Earth Heart

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    Important Points To Keep In Mind Overall


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    As a general rule of thumb while setting up a 1 BHK house - stick to minimal decor pieces, stay away from larger patterns that will make the place look unsightly, try and design an open layout and invest in room dividers for demarcations, add mirrors whenever you can to establish a sense of space, floating shelves in the kitchen, bathroom or living room are your best friends, avoid free standing storage stands - instead build floor to ceiling wall niches and lastly, switch out all swing doors (balcony to wardrobe, expect main door) to sliding doors, they don't block space.