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In Love With Stationery? 5 Reasons Why You Can't Miss #TheStationeryCollective!

How would you describe heaven? We describe it as a place where we can get all the funky diaries, passport holders, classy pens and many more stationery! It's a place that has no age barriers. In case you still need more convincing, we bring to you 6 reasons why you Have to attend the Stationery Collective happening at Select CITWALK on 4th-5th May! Block your dates from now!  

Peppy Basket

Looking for a one stop destination to discovery trendiest products around the world? Peppy Basket is the perfect place. The latest products that are not only trendy but are super cool and, according to millennial lingo, ‘lit’. Whether you’re going to school or are in college or even looking to redecorate your house, Peppy Basket is at your service. Upgrade your coolness quotient and stop by Peppy Basket only at the Stationery Collective. 

Royal Collection

From the lanes of Rajouri Garden, we bring to you a range of stationery that is elegant and a class apart. Parker pens, Mont Blancs, Sheaffers, Watermans are just a few of their items. Royal Collection has the perfect gifting options for your colleagues, fathers (in laws), uncles, etc. The age-old charm of a Parker is a perfect buy for the man who is not only your role model but your inspiration as well! 

Additions by Shefali Modi

Additions by Shefali Modi is a brand that is known to be a one stop destination for all your household needs. Items ranging from bedsheets, blankets, tiffins to trays, everything can be found here. Give your home a new personality and be ready to wow your guests at your next house party! Get ready to shop till you drop only at the Stationery Collective! 


We think that more than having fabulous products, the shopping experience should be exceptional as well. This is the policy that Scooboo lives by. From sticky notes to pens of all kinds to art supplies that would release your inner creativity, shop till your hearts content at #TheStationeryCollective. 

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