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Intuitive & Caring, Here's A Gifting Guide To Pamper The Cancerians In Your Life

    Cancerians as such are imaginative, sentimental beings who love nurturing others and tend to pick only the things with the finest quality. Naturally, a gift for a Cancerian should also be something that is thoughtful and sweet at the same time elegant and comforting. Sounds like too much of a task? It really isn't. Not with this list at least.

    Check out this compilation of awesome gifts for a Cancerian that will certainly make them feel over the moon.  

    Fancy Serveware

    The Table Fable

    Available on LBB

    Ruled by the moon, Cancerians love entertaining and hosting people. Most of them are also known to kick ass in the kitchen. So what can be a better gift to get these homebodies than fine-looking serveware? And when it comes to crockery and ceramics, we've got like a zillion options. For all things minimal, floral and classy - The Table Fable is your safe bet. Ta. Da. never fails to impress with its bright hues and stunning prints. Lastly, if you're looking for all things ceramics - Swaa Clay Studio is for you! 

    Soothing Bathing Essentials

    Giving as they are, Cancerians sometimes tend to ignore their own needs. Make them feel loved and remind them they should take care of themselves too by treating them to soothing bathing essentials. And we've got something that will leave them saying 'awwwww'! From unicorn soaps to rainbow-themed bath salts, Laviche Bath Essentials is an ideal brand when it comes to giftings body care.

    PS: If you're looking for luxury haircare gifting ideas, you need to head straight here

    Minimalist Jewellery

    Mitali Jain

    Available on LBB

    A Cancerian's gift has got to be entertaining, comforting and also elegant. Known to be choosy and more drawn towards finer things in life, a chic jewellery piece will definitely make you an immediate favourite. How about this Cancer-themed charm bracelet from Madiha Jaipur or this gold-plated necklace from Tistabene? However, if you're looking an entire collection to choose from, Mitali Jain, is a lovely jewellery e-store that offers all kinds of minimal jewellery!   

    For a whole list of minimalist jewellery pieces, click here. 

    Photo-Frames & Journals


    Available on LBB

    Known to be sensitive and emotional, a Cancer loves nothing more than spending time with their loved ones and reminiscing over the good times. Help them relive those memories by gifting them lovely photo frames. And if your Cancerian buddy has a penchant for writing, journals make for great gifts too. This gift box of a compact notebook and a chic pen is your safest best! 

    Home Decor

    These intuitive water signs feel most at home well, at home. Why not gift them something that will make their abode feel all the more comforting to them? How about these quirky cushions? Or these fun lamps? This moon lamp is just perfect, I think. If minimalism is what they like, pick something from these IKEA-like brands and win them over! 

    And if you're looking for classic whites, rustic and macrame - The Sasha World is perfect! 

    Now, doesn't that make shopping for your Cancer friend tad easier? Go on, make them feel over the moon (pun-intended)!