These Villas In Panjim & Britona Are Perfect For A Relaxed Goa Vacation


    Two stunning properties — one a villa in the picturesque village of Britona, perched along the calming views of the Mandovi river and another set of traditional Goan style villas overlooking the Dona Paula Jetty, Casa Tropicana De Goa, offers high-end villa accommodations to help you do you Goa holiday right. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    The unmatched location of both the properties is what makes them stand out. First of all, at Casa Tropicana, you’ll be spoilt for choice — both the properties are located in areas that are both private, and nestled in the midst of nature, despite not being too far out of reach from nightlife and public transport.

    The ambience, the outdoors spaces, the neighbourhood, and the people, what’s not to love?

    At Dona Paula, there are 13 individual sea-side villas which overlook not only a swimming pool but also panoramic views of the Dona Paula jetty and the Marmagoa harbour with its array of ships. The villas are done up extremely well with plush interiors and come with an indoor lounge opening up to an outer terrace landscaped patio and swimming pool. All of the villas are fully furnished with all modern amenities, and is great for couples and families.

    Their second property nestled in the charming village of Britona, is a single villa with three double bedrooms each and an ensuite shower and toilet. Each of the bedrooms come with their own balconies, where you can spend hours just gazing at the Mandovi river and the bounties of nature with its beautiful green cover of coconut tree and wild foliage. Pick this accommodation, for a rustic holiday experience, where much like in the film Midnight in Paris you’ll willingly be transported into the Goa of yesteryears as you walk along the village lanes, taking in the serenity of nature or just watching the locals spend a day fishing.

    The host Brian da Silva is extremely helpful and generous and the waitstaff takes after him. A luxurious Goa stay that will surely rejuvenate you, the villas at Casa Tropicana have to be some of our favourites!