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Go Kayaking Through The Mangroves & See A New Side Of Goa

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What Makes It Awesome

Konkan Explorers are a Goa-based outdoor adventure company that organises boat cruises on the Chapora river. They’re mindful of the environment and safety of everyone who sets foot on their boat and make kayaking and sailing super accessible for beginners.

Goan vacays invariably mean vegetating on the beach with endless rounds of King’s for company. But, every now and then, you crave a water experience that’s more intimate and not interrupted by a million tourists clicking selfies or women offering to braid your hair. This is where Konkan Explorers steps in. They’ve designed packages to include 1–4 hour-long trips into the Chapora river. They come with the offer a memorable boat cruise (with beer and poi burgers, of course) along with kayaking or sailing opportunities. We booked ourselves for the morning boat ride that charts its course from the old jetty point at Morjim and our tryst with the Goan backwaters was beyond amazing. Now because these Konkan Explorers are super professional, they briefed us on where we had to reach and what we needed to carry an evening before, through a detailed Whatsapp text.

On the day of the ride, we set off at 10am, gliding over the sea, with occasional Led Zeppelin playing, Pascal doling out his sea mariner insights and Poonam spotting rare birds. All this while we sat on the deck mesmerised at the sheer expanse of the river, refusing to even take a break to eat fruits... We’ve never seen this un-touristy side of Goa. 

Soon enough though, it was time to stop in the middle of the sea and float under the sun. For a non-swimmer like me, this could very well be the deal breaker but the team managed to coax me into the water, treating my fears with baby gloves. After gathering up some courage and new found paddling tricks learnt from Pascal, we even kayaked through the mangrove forests. This, was easily one of the best Goa experiences – surrounded by pristine nature and bathed in silence that’s almost unreal. This beautiful ride ended with beer and beautiful chips and homemade poi burgers (you need to tell them chicken and paneer beforehand). 

And if all the above hasn’t made you want to take the plunge, there’s respite in knowing that the Konkan Explorers have won an award for being a responsible ecotourism company. So, yeah, in all they’re good folks to chill with. 

What Could Be Better

They had life jackets, a marine toilet and even some amazing music playing. So, they’re as prepared and trained as they come — we wouldn’t want to change a thing.


They customise trips for groups. So, if you’re going with the fam (they usually don’t take more than 15 folks on a boat and have two of those vessels), you can discuss the plan and explore the sea to include everyone’s comfort level.

The 3-hour boat cruises with kayaking are priced at INR 3k per person while the 1-hour tours cost INR 1k.