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This one's for all the foodies - Browse our recommendations for the most amazing street food in Hyderabad. Chaat, Momos, Kathi Rolls & More.

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Kurkure Momos To Peri Peri Chicken Tacos: You've Got To Check Out DLF's Killer Street Food Scene

A popular hangout for tech folks and residents of Hitech City and its tech belt, the street opposite of DLF, Gachibowli is a treasure trove with abundant food stalls. Go here anytime after 9 pm, and you’ll find it super crowded. Hustlers are always bustling in this food street with more than enough on one’s plate. Stretching from DLF’s Gate 1 to Gate 2, get dragged into stalls with dishes like shawarma, french fries, rice bowls, and more. Interested in doing a food crawl? Then you’re sorted because we have just what you need, foodies!

Opening its shutters at 1 pm, this kiosk runs wild till 1 am. With Maggi lovers making a tough choice between picking fried Maggi and juicy Maggi, we called dibs on egg bhurji, Chicken Fried Maggi, and Maggi Masala (the juicy version). After a long wait, we were handed our Maggi and bhurji which we devoured like there is no tomorrow. The chunks of fried chicken complemented the crispy Maggi while the bhurji was spicy and filling. The Maggi Masala is our plain old comfort food and we’d pick this over anything. Any day. If you can tolerate the crowd around the kiosk, this is something you shouldn’t miss out on.

This kiosk is full of surprises and we mean it. Kurkure Momos to Momo Burgers, Momos Delight is awesome for all those momo lovers. You can keep it simple by chowing down their steamed chicken momos or walk into a momo frenzy with a Moburg (A burger with momos as stuffing). If you got a thing for Kurkure, the Kurkure Momos will seal the deal for you. 

When you walk up to the food cart, it reminds you of a famous Telugu TV show which we’re sure will bring a smile to every 90s kid's face. We ordered Paneer 65 which took a good 20 minutes to be served, but it was well worth the wait. The paneer was super tender and melted in our mouth. If we weren’t so full ourselves, we would have definitely devoured another round of the dish.

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