Let Your Inner Jimi Hendrix Come Out: Buy Musical Instruments From These Stores

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Do you live and breathe music? Musicians, we have explored some of the best instrument shops in Kolkata, which have probably given enough satisfaction and joy to yesteryear artistes of the city.

BCM Music Palace

Harmoniums to ukuleles, this 25-year old shop in Lalbazar will supply you with world-class instruments. And if you have the time, strike up a conversation with the shop people. They will tell you about the many famous musicians who have been here.

Nag Brothers

A small and old shop, Nag Brothers is a hidden gem and is frequented by amateurs and professionals alike. From guitars to guitar strings and even ukulele strings, your need for all the stringed instruments can be addresses here without any complaint.

Kolkata Music Centre

Both western and Indian instruments are available at this heritage shop. Although the shop is cramped up and has shortage for space, keyboardists will feel excited to see their collection of synthesizers. Don't worry if you have started taking lessons in harmonium, because they stock them too.


This small shop in Mudiali is a harmonium lover's paradise. One of the most renowned names in Kolkata when it comes to harmoniums, Surokar is a reliable place where the store people having enough knowledge about the instrument. Brush your Indian classical skills with a 9-scale changer harmonium.


Be it western or Indian classical instruments, you can find them all here, from guitars and basses, to keyboards, harmoniums, tablas and sitars, among others. Amateurs and professionals are very well aware of Pulse, even though it may not be as old as the other heritage ones. But we suggest you go for their range of multi-effect processors and amplifiers if you are searching for equipment to jazz up your studio.