Dream Drape: This Designer Has Unique Sarees For Any Occasion

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A designer is changing the way we look at sarees. Meet Avantika Ganguly, the one-woman army behind Avantika Sarees.

What Makes It Awesome?

It all started with her making herself a saree, for the lack of a better option. But that piece she wore to an event, and people couldn’t stop asking her where she got it from. Overwhelmed with the response she crafted a couple of more sarees for her close friends as gifts. But things changed when Moonlight Café got in touch with her to put up a stall with them.

Avantika primarily works with cotton and silk, and loves to play around with colours and patterns. She is sure if you accompany her to source the fabric, you’d end up asking her if the things she was buying would even go together. But for her, this is her Disneyland where she experiments, creating statement pieces that her audience loves. Her sense of putting together patterns and colours with funky accessories like pom-poms and laces is immaculate, and she’s confident you wouldn’t find a piece like that in the market unless you get one of her sarees deliberately replicated.

Her sarees start from INR 3,000 and go up to INR 10,000 depending on the fabric and how unique it looks. For her collection, check out her Instagram, and for the story behind each saree, visit her Facebook page.


If you like exclusivity, we suggest you DM Avantika Sarees right away and become a part of her storytelling. Each of her designs is made just once, so be rest assured that every saree is one-of-a-kind.