Satisfy 3AM Munchies With Chicken Tikka Rolls From Ayub's In Fort

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Ayub’s in Kala Ghoda has, according to me, some of the best kebabs in town, and it’s where I go for late-night hunger pangs.

Chow Down

Ayub’s is the place to go for a midnight snack when you’re enjoying a drive through South Mumbai, and Bade Miya is too crowded. The super-attentive waiters will reach your car window {or taxi window} and rattle off the entire menu by heart. Their kebabs and wraps are not expensive, and some of my favourites there include the chicken tikka kebabs, the chicken reshmi kebabs, the mutton seekhs and the chicken bhuna rolls. The chicken tikka roll is one of my favourites for the fresh green chutney that it is stuffed with.

The chicken tikka and chicken reshmi are ideal if you don’t have a problem with spicy food. The baida roti is delicious and stuffed with tender, well-cooked meat, and is for those who aren’t on a diet. For vegetarians, don’t forget to try their mushroom cheese roll, which comes highly recommended by my herbivore friends. Also try their paneer bhurjee.

Need To Know

The restaurant is open till quite late, and you can try your luck till about 3.30am. They do have limited seating, but people usually drive by and pick up the food while sitting in their vehicles. The staff is courteous and quick,and a small tip will go a long way. If you order a lot of food, it will be served to you in a red tray in your vehicle.

Take your own water, be courteous and use the bins available to dispose of napkins and other items. Head there around midnight to get the real experience.

Timings: 6pm-4.30am

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