Already Been To Aksa? Check Out These Three Beautiful Spots Beyond It

Bhavika posted on 25 October

Aksa Beach has been the most popular among all of the beaches on Madh Island, thanks to a certain song in God Tussi Great Ho. But there’s more to the area there than meets the eye initially.

To get to any of these places, you have two options. One is to visit Versova, and then take a ferry to Madh Island. From there, you can take an auto to any of these beaches. The other route is to take the train till Malad station, and then hail an auto. Please remember to travel in a group, because gorgeous as these places are, they are a little away from the city and shouldn’t be visited alone.

Marve Beach

Marve Beach is usually known because it is the beach used to connect to Essel World and Water Kingdom, but did you know it’s just 20 minutes away from Aksa Beach? There are quite a few street food vendors here selling corn on the cob, chana chaat and other street foods, so plenty to nibble on after your long journey.

Be careful not to go for a swim in this beach as the current can get very strong in these waters.

Tourist Attractions

Malad West, Mumbai

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    Dana Pani Beach

    Dana Pani is just a little off Aksa beach, and is a beautiful space with a wide road next to it, a few residential houses and a lot of greenery. The surroundings are lovely, but there isn’t much to do here and can get pretty isolated. While most of it is a pleasing sight, in some parts the beach in itself does require cleaning up, like most of the beaches in Mumbai.

    Tourist Attractions

    Erangal Gaon, Madh, Mumbai

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      Erangal Beach

      Erangal is the name of a small village in Madh Island, and that village has to itself a small beach by this eponymous name as well. We visited Erangal, and to get to it, you have to go through the small road running through the hamlet. The houses here are extremely colourful, and almost each had an outdoor swing in the courtyard. It’s a lesser-known, small and local beach to visit. And while you are there, do enter this 500-year-old church we discovered {and remember: it’s quite huge and eerie too}.

      Tourist Attractions

      Erangal Village, Madh, Maharashtra

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