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Begin Your Celebrations with Coolberg Zero-Alcohol Beers!

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Have you ever tried Coolberg Non-Alcoholic Beers?
Not yet? Well they do taste great, and we will tell you why they're a perfect blend for your celebrations. 

What Makes it Awesome?

So, are you the DD (Designated Driver) for the night? Or maybe, you have a friend who doesn’t drink and you’re looking to accommodate them in the plan (btw, that totally makes you a great friend). Well, whatever the case may be, we totally understand and encourage responsible drinking and we have some cool and amazing non-alcoholic beers for you. Yes, you heard that right! Clink your glasses to Coolberg, a zero-alcohol Indian Beer Brand.

At times, you don’t feel like drinking and the only option you have is a soft drink or a club soda, and to be honest, all of us are done with the fizzy ones and are in a desperate need for a better option. Enter Coolberg Zero-Alcohol Beer!

How can a non-alcoholic beer be fun to drink, you ask? Well, the malt flavor tastes exactly like a regular beer. It will make you all hoppy from inside. All the flavors are brewed with the natural ingredient - Barley Malt, giving it a bitter, tangy and sweet taste.

Wait, There’s More! With just the right amount of fizz and a fine balance of bitter and sweet, Coolberg serves as a great mixer, if you are a mocktail/cocktail person. So the next time you want to chill with your friends or family, say Cheers to Coolberg Beers!

Pro Tip

Coolberg Beer is a drink for all! Crack open a cold one with your friends, family, colleagues, kids - any place, any time!