A Little Sweet, A Little Salty: Our Pick Of Bandra's Best Bakeries


    There is no dearth of bakeries in Mumbai, but some places stand out from the crowd. Be it for their freshly baked sourdough bread or homemade plum cakes or even savoury snacks, bakeries have been an integral part of Mumbai’s culinary history. Today, we take you through the iconic establishments in Bandra - brands that have stood the test of time and emerged to be some of the best bakeries in the neighbourhood. 

    Bookmark this for future reference, because it is always a good time to treat yourself to sweeties! 

    A1 Bakery

    A1 Bakery

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    This tiny establishment in Bandra West's bustling Hill Road has been a local favourite for years, and the throng of people here is testimony to that. The bakery opens its shutters at 5:45 AM, and the freshly baked bread, cakes, puffs, cutlets and even kebabs disappear soon. The earlier you get there, the better your chances are to dive into baked goods heaven! 

    What to have here: Chicken puff, chicken burger, mutton kebab

    Price: INR 200 for two

    American Express Bakery

    Located on Hill Road, this bakery is known to offer mouth-watering baked goods that remind you of home, at super affordable rates. Biting into their bakes treats is a great way to celebrate nostalgia. If you’re dropping by, do try their orange cake! We suggest you drop by before 4PM, as they tend to sell out of the favourites very fast.

    What To Have Here: Cinnamon bun, chocolate pastry, chicken patties

    Price: INR 250 for two

    Hearsch Bakery

    J Hearsch & Co.

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    Love at first bite is what the experience at Hearsch Bakery is all about. A tiny cottage on Hill Road with a large compound, this bakery is known to bake some of the best savoury baked goods in the neighbourhood. They have a large variety of options available on the menu, and if you’re confused, opting for the simple veg or chicken burger is a great bet. 

    What To Have Here: Chicken puff, chicken samosa, burgers, and lollipop

    Price: INR 300 for two



    Bandra West, Mumbai

    A longtime favourite, no list on bakeries in Bandra could be complete without mentioning Candies at Pali Hill. We love spending time at this café, a beautiful space that serves delicious food, shakes and drinks. It’s an institution in Bandra today, with 3 outlets dishing out freshly baked rolls, puffs, sandwiches, cakes and so much more. If you’re confused about what to order, pick up a kheema roll and a slice of rich chocolate cake and you’re good to go. They also have a salad bar for all you healthy eaters.

    What To Have Here: Dark cherry cheesecake, chicken roll, mini-meals

    Price: INR 700 for two

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    The Baker’s Dozen

    The Baker's Dozen

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    Baker's Dozens' bread is to die for! From focaccia to brioche and everything in between, they are an iconic establishment as far as breads are concerned. They are also one of the very few bakeries in the city that bakes a challah, a traditional Jewish bread. We love this artisanal bakery for its traditional breads that are, best of all preservative-free. 

    What To Have Here: Blueberry cranberry sourdough, brioche, olive focaccia 

    Price: INR 400 for two



    Bandra West, Mumbai

    Another one of the most popular bakery chains in the city, Theobroma has grown to be an iconic establishment in the city over the years. Today, the Bandra branch is seen packed with guests, enjoying brownies and shakes or indulging in a cheat meal of the decadent chip butty and pastries. Their dense chocolate loaf makes for a great gift too!  

    What To Have Here: Chocolate brownies, sandwiches, cheesecakes

    Price: INR 600 for two

    Country of Origin

    Country Of Origin

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    Think brownies, think Country of Origin! This bakery is said to bake some of the best brownies in town, and offers 7 varieties that include egg-less options too. We love their hazelnut creme brownie and the intense chocolate brownie. If you're looking for super indulgence, we suggest you try their dessert jars. The haute chocolate and hazelnut jar and red velvet are popular. 

    What To Have Here: Brownies, jar desserts

    Price: INR 300 for two (Unless you opt for the jar desserts, which are pricey at INR 800 and upwards)

    Le 15 Patisserie

    This is our OG spot for macarons - those delightful bite-size treats that are oh-so-grammable. Their macrons are the eternal favourite, but once you move over them you’ll realise that the pastries, cupcakes and brownies too are out of this world! Their red velvet cupcake in fact is one of our weekly orders #sorrynotsorry.

    What To Have Here: Macarons, red velvet cupcake, tarts

    Price: INR 250 for two

    La Braco

    La Braco

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    La Braco on Hill Road is a small bakery with quite an extensive selection of pastries, desserts and savouries. Walk-in and choose from their display of pretty desserts - you'll have a hard time choosing, we're quite sure. 

    What To Have Here: Chocolate pastries, tea cakes, cookies

    Price: INR 350 for two


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