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Sniff That! These Easy-Carry Capsule Fragrances Are Made For You Busy Bees

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Fragrances but in easy-to-carry, no-spill capsules that don't stain or contain any alcohol to irritate your skin? Yup. We found a brand that makes them for those moments on the go. I've seen roll-on fragrances, balm fragrances, solid fragrances and of course, fragrance mists. But in a capsule format? That's definitely new. 

    Freshengo is made for portability. Each capsule is easy to use - all you have to do is pinch the top, pull and snap to release the fragrance that can be applied to your skin (they don't stain your clothes either). The capsules are stored in jars and each jar comes with 43 capsules (INR 999). 

    The capsules come in fun, fresh fragrances and are meant to be long-lasting and soothing to your senses. I absolutely love floral fragrances and refreshing aqua scents, they are my go-to option when it comes to choosing a fragrance. With refreshing lime, lemon and grapefruit that sinks into an amber. cedarwood and musk, the Aqua sounds right up my alley, as does the Green Earth with rose, lemon, lavender that deepens into ylang ylang and sandalwood, nutmeg and patchouli. I hear their Black Musk and White Jasmine are popular too. Made with essential oils and a non-staining formula, these seem a good way to perk up my mood and smell good at the same time!

    Available options: Aqua, White Jasmine, Black Musk, Yellow Lemon, Maria Regale at INR 999


    You can shop their range via their website or Amazon, Smytten and Nykaa. Keep an eye for discounts as they are offering the box at a discounted INR 799.

      Available Online