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Meet Carrot: A Fitness App That Puts 'Yo Momma' Jokes To Shame

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We want you to meet Carrot – a productivity app that’ll not only reward you, but also spew hate if you don’t do 15 push-ups a day.

What Is It?

If you inherently suck at sticking to a schedule, your phone is turning into a graveyard for productivity and it takes bucks to get you out of bed, you should definitely download Carrot. Described on their website as ‘the A.I. construct with a heart of weapons-grade plutonium’, Carrot is a to-do list and fitness app that’ll make sure you buy that quinoa packet and cook it. It’s like Siri, but way nastier {which we love}. They have two varieties to choose from: Carrot To-Do for the procrastinators and Carrot Fit for well, the procrastinators.

So if you told Carrot that you’ll be going for a run but couldn’t get up in the morning because you didn’t hear the alarm, Carrot will first belittle you for the lack of motivation in you and then prod you to get out there and get fit. It may be evil, but it’s fantastic to keep laziness at bay.

How Does It Work?

It’s a judgmental weight-tracker and will spew hate on you if you budge from your fitness goals. But all isn’t bad in the Carrot universe, because if you achieve a milestone, it also rewards you. It encourages you to workout and to move your butt so that it doesn’t have to kick it later. You can track your progress and have a conversation with carrot. Also, Carrot Fit has seven-minute workouts that you can do everyday to keep in shape.

So, We're Saying...

If you have been delaying getting fit and motivational videos/talks don’t work on you anymore, meet Carrot. Sadly, it’s only available on iOS currently.

Available at INR 250, you can download Carrot Fit here and Carrot To-Do here on App Store.