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Got A Phone? Check Out Cashify For Any Gadget Query

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What Makes It Awesome

Usually, the objective of going to a mall is making the best of that paycheck… By slowly depleting it, of course. Cashify’s here at Infiniti Mall to flip that notion around, and how. They’ll give you the best possible value for your old phone, tablet, or even a laptop!

But wait, it gets cooler. You needn’t even visit the store to sell the gadget you’re hoarding. Cashify sends representatives TO you, to collect the machine, and pay you then and there!

We’re not done yet… Broke your phone’s screen? No worries, instead of going to a vendor who’ll probably rip you off, and not even repair your screen properly, summon the ScreenPro experts over at Cashify. Again, they’ll legit come to your doorstep and fix your phone for you!

There’s some more you’ve gotta know - they also help you with AntiTheft software, and even have awesome phone cases, charging accessories and more. Basically, if you’ve got a phone, they WILL sort you out for something or the other.

P.S: You can also buy refurbished phones at Cashify, so you can come full circle - from selling, to buying.