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Check Out These Handcrafted, Earthy, Super Comfy Masks By Fabric Pandit!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    When you step out, step out in style. Wearing a face mask has now become inevitable, but that still shouldn’t stop you from making a statement, right? We recently discovered a homegrown brand, Fabric Pandit, that’s all about luxe affordable face masks boasting of rich craftsmanship. And it definitely caught our eye. 

    Fabric Pandit redefines affordable luxury as they craft masks made out of cotton and linen. Two fabrics that emotes heritage & comfort - all at the same time. Their pure cotton linen blend is a match made in heaven. How you may ask? They are soft, breathable, adaptable and anti-fungal. Functional qualities that are predominant for face masks. However what sets Fabric Pandit apart is their attention to detail. Each mask is not only thoughtfully handcrafted and curated by exceptional artisans, they’re also available in an array of contemporary colours. From pastels to warm hues, cold blues to neutrals, festive to basics, neutrals to earthy, there is a modest luxe range for you to explore and pair it with your everyday wardrobe. 

    Their masks range from INR 199 for a pack of 5 to a higher range for INR 1000 for a pack of 30. Definitely a wholesome pricing that offers luxe, exquisite, reusable & comfortable masks. 

    The unique aspect about Fabric Pandit is how they have beautifully tailored the cotton linen. They’re designed for a large face coverage, provide triple-layered protection and still manage to look graceful  and discerning. So, mask up, but make it fashion!


    Fabric Pandit is offering free express shipping all over India along with some stellar offers & discounts. Thus, place your orders for these charming face masks, here at the earliest. 

      Available Online