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Almost Adulting? This New App Connects You To Electricians, Plumbers, Cooks & Even Detectives

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Ever been called lazy? We prefer the term un-domestic goddess if you insist on labels, and would like to advise all fellow deities to download a new app called Cheep to help with all household woes.

Click, Cheep, Done

A new on-demand household app, Cheep will connect you to local vendors around your area to help you out with all your domestic chores and services.

It requires you to sign in using your digits or any social media account and then choose your city and locality. A friendly question asking ‘what are you looking for today’ is followed by options such as plumbers, carpenters, electricians, appliance repair people, painters, laundry, housekeeping, pest control… the list is endless. It doesn’t pertain to just maintenance of the crib, but also to other necessities such as tiffin services, cooks, fitness instructors who come home, salons, security guards, and here’s our favourite: private detectives {finally some answers to ‘who stole the cookie from the cookie jar’, yes?}.

Whichever option you choose, such as appliance repair, for instance, has more questions –whether it is your TV, fridge, AC, machine, or other devices to be repaired or serviced.

You can choose a service for any time after 3 hours, and add your address. They will then notify you with quotes from vendors and servers around you. Everything from INR 300 to INR 500, different vendors put forward their quotes. You can then book whichever option you like, and make an online payment of card or netbanking.

All their vendors are as they claim, verified by them.

So, We're Saying...

It really is as simple as that. You can sit at home, and wait for literally just 3 hours before someone comes to fix your house. And, you pay in advance so there’s no issue of digging up that loose change from the inner works of your bag.

Download the app for Android users here. iOs users get your app here.