Clean, Green, And Convenient: Get Disposable Eco-Friendly Tableware From Here

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What Makes It Awesome

Picture this: you've got a house party to prepare for but not nearly enough tableware. Sounds familiar, right? But here's the conundrum, you're also invested in living a greener lifestyle and don't want to use plastic plates. If this sounds like you, then here's the solution: Chuk.

Chuk is an eco-friendly tableware brand that makes disposable tableware like bowls, plates, on-the-go-containers and container lids too. They're all about reducing garbage, the impact we have on our environment and offering non-plastic alternatives for everyday life. Their range is made with agricultural residue or pulp that's totally safe. Their containers are bio-degradable and compostable too. Plus, they are oven, microwave and freezer friendly. Pretty cool we say.

You can get them in a pack of 25 - bowls at INR 170, snack plates at INR 172, dinner plates from INR 499, meal trays at INR 399 and more. You can shop their range on Amazon. To know more, hit the Enquiry button.

What Could Be Better

We'd love to see some cutlery like spoons, forks and knives soon too.


They also accept bulk enquiries if you need that. For more information, hit Enquire Now.