Got No Time Or Money To Spare? Head To This Khar Shop To Save Both

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Check out Clothes Rack, a standalone shop housing stylish apparel catering to the ones who like to keep it pocket-friendly, especially when it comes to clothes.

What Makes It Awesome

Clothes Rack can be added to your itinerary when you’re on the hunt for clothes on a budget. They have a huge collection of men as well as women wear. Don’t go looking out for accessories and shoes, ’cause they don’t keep them as of now.

They have t-shirts starting at INR 45 0, a pair of jeans starting INR 1,000, men’s shirts and women’s tops starting INR 550 and dresses starting at INR 680. Men, you can also pick up a pair of quirky boxers starting INR 270. 

They have branches at Malad, Andheri, Thane, Matunga and Borivali as well.


If you’re done being broke, and need to save some cash, add this to your list of cheap places to shop at.