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Dabba Watch: Order Pink Quinoa Sushi And Chia Seed Pudding For Lunch

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Diet Tamasha, a new catering and home delivery service, is dishing up vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free meals and desserts for those who want to order in but keep their consciences clear.

Chow Down

Started by a Mumbai food blogger, Diet Tamasha has an assortment of guilt-free goodies for us to chow down on during our lunch hour. Think carrot cake spiced bliss balls, banana bread oat circles, sweet and spicy zoodles salad with a Thai dressing {zoodles = zucchini noodles}, pink quinoa sushi, spiced chickpea salad, cheese platter, a pink vegan beetroot hummus, chia seed pudding and more.

The food needs to be ordered the day before, otherwise for same-day delivery, we’ll have to try our luck with whatever’s ready to go in the kitchen. They deliver in South Mumbai uptil Worli for free; beyond that a delivery charge of INR 50 to INR 150 is levied.

So We're Thinking...

The next time we’re bored of our canteen fare, or just want to order something to give us motivation to show up in office the next day, we’re giving Diet Tamasha a call.

Price: INR 380 for salads and pink quinoa sushi

Timings: Noon to 8pm. Takes 45 minutes to deliver.