Our Fave Hand-Crafted Shoe Brand Dmodot Has A New Tan Collection

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We’ve already told you how much we like Dmodot. The hand-crafted shoe brand never ceases to surprise us with their ever growing collection. This time they’ve come out with a brand new Quintessentially Tan collection.

Brouging About it

They’ve brought tanned leather into the mix this time, and boy does the collection look slick. From Brogue sneakers to boots and loafers, the collection speaks volumes of how they have grown as a brand.

The Collection

They have four shoes under this collection. Fresco {a combination of brogue meets modern sneakers – it has a classic design mashed with the sole of sneakers}. Soave takes your loafer game up a notch, while Stan Chelsea are boots that go well with jeans as well as formal clothes.

Maschile finds the sweet spot between trekking boots and dress boots. They have a bold brogue pattern on top and rugged soles at the bottom. Men, we’re thinking these will be your favourite.

So We're Saying

We’re liking all four of them. We say you go have a look at their collection, choose the right one for you and order away.

Price: INR 3,999 onwards