Your Home Is Your Sanctuary: Give It A Facelift With These Decor Brands


    Let's face it. Whether you're back after a long day at work or an amazing vacation - nothing comforts us more than the feeling of being at home. So, of course, there are no excuses when it comes to decorating your lovely abode and make it your little paradise. Vintage chandeliers, patterned wallpapers, floral printed sofas, lively indoor plants, a pop of drama through a piece of art or a simple cushion- there's so much you can experiment with. Here are a few Mumbai-based home décor brands on Shop On LBB, and a few iconic décor stores in the city, that will help you add that extra touch and love your home deserves. 

    The Golden Triangle, Byculla

    One of the prettiest home decor stores that we've seen, The Golden Triangle has an amazing collection which seamlessly wrap India's diverse culture into four walls. Their collection is sources from multiple countries including China, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Germany, Turkey etc. 

    Known For: Statement pieces with detailed designs, handcrafted decor, decor items from around the world. 

    What We Love: Diversity and variety, accent chairs and sofas, decorative lights and frames

    Shell Out: INR 4,000 onward

    Vaishnavipratima, Lower Parel

    A chic designer studio in Lower Parel, Vaishnavipratima has been our go-to for adding hints of quirkiness in our homes. Every piece of decor in this store has an amazing combination of nature, vintage and modernity - which makes us fall in love with them. They have decor made from multiple materials including metal, glass, wood, ceramic, paper, clay etc.

    Known For: Designer and exclusive customized furniture, art and artifacts, professional expertise.  

    What We Love: Vintage themed cabinets and storage options, wall mirrors

    Shell Out: INR 8,000 onward

    AA Living, Nepean Sea Road

    AA Living

    Available Online

    AA Living, which stands for Ajay Anand Living, is a sitting proudly in one of the most elite neighborhood since 1998 seamlessly combining brilliant designs, innovation and quality craftsmanship. Expect classy home décor accessories, quirkiest rugs, carpets and cushions, anti-slip mats etc. 

    Known For: Renowned and high quality bath and bedroom textiles, classic designs,  elite clientele. 

    What We Love: Their minimalist designs, offbeat usage of quotes and texts (especially the doormats), chic lamps and lights.  

    Shell Out: INR 5,000 onward

    Mora Taara, Peddar Road

    Mora Taara

    Available Online

    Nestled in the busy streets of Peddar Road, the name of this quirky decor store translates to 'My Star'. And it wouldn't be wrong to stay, Mora Taara, is clearly a star when it comes to chic and quality home decor. From animal themed accessories to vintage vases, Mora Taara is a paradise for those looking for decor with a vintage touch. 

    Known For: Vintage home decor and timeless artifacts. 

    What We Love: Chic wall plates, ceramic plant pots, nature themed cutlery

    Shell Out: INR 1,200 onward

    Magnolia, Worli

    Well, this brand claims to leave a lasting impression in your memory, just like the aroma of Magnolia flower. Sustainable designs, refined aesthetics, timeless elegance and quality are a few things their every products promises. 

    Known For: Curating bespoke furniture which is an extension of your personality, wooden collection of furniture and accessories.

    What We Love: Bookshelves and reading lamps, wooden coffee tables, hand painted trunks

    Shell Out: INR 3,000 onward

    Freedom Tree Design, Mahalaxmi

    Freedom Tree

    Available on LBB

    Freedom Tree is a quirky colour-led lifestyle brand where everything is designed and made in-house. From tables and seatings and from fabrics and curtains to planters and lighting- their chic and minimal décor is what we're crushing hard on. And the ceramic collection is just top-notch.

    Known For: Retro furniture, handpainted ceramics, décor 

    What We Love: Rugs and throws, bar tools, planters and vases

    Shell Out: INR 600 onward