Make Denim Your Dost With Funky Bags From Bluphant


    What Makes It Awesome

    Denim's always been a wardrobe staple for us, but we usually tend to stick to jeans and jackets. If you love denims and have been looking for a fun way to add it to your wardrobe, Bluphant's got a fab collection that's worth checking out. 

    Browse their collection and you'll find everything from sling bags, laptop bags and handbags to choose from. If you love contrast, then we like the bag crafted with raw blue denim with a smart brown handle and zipper accents. For those of you with a more funky style, we like the butterfly stitch crossbody bag - heads up! it comes with different coloured straps and stitching from yellow to pink. We especially liked their round slings that come with quilted detailing.

    Their larger bags start at INR 2,499 while the smaller slings are priced around INR 1,899.