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Living In A Tiny Room? Make Your Window Look Like A Pinterest Dream


    Living in tiny and compact spaces teaches you two things – to make do with whatever space you have, and to beautify that space as much as you can. With these box-like apartments, and the lack of big balconies or sprawling gardens, windows make for a good alternative, from setting the plants to growing their own herbs.

    Here are some suggestions for using your window as the best way to make a one-room situation as fancy as possible.

    #Tip1: Add Some Plants (& Vibrancy)

    Bird and Nest Hanging Planter with Jute Rope in Yellow

    Bird and Nest Hanging Planter with Jute Rope in Yellow


    The easiest way to beautify any window would be to hang plants around it. A lot of the windows have window sills, or large spaces outside it, with grills. It’s the perfect place to hang your plants. Get some creepers, and align them to the grills, from beautiful colourful flowery mandevillas to English ivy creepers.

    Here are a bunch of online nurseries where you can order these from! 

    Apart from plants and creepers, you can also order in colourful accessories and planters. It will add some drama and vibrancy! If you’re looking for low maintenance plants, go for indoor plants that don’t require you to water them as often. 

    #Tip2: Fairy Lights, FTW

    Handmade LED String Lights

    Handmade LED String Lights


    We love fairy lights. It's one of the most effective and budget-friendly decor ideas to brighten up one's space. While there are tons of online stores you can order these tiny little beauties, however, we'd recommend you check out Samoolam. It's an online brand which makes handcrafted fairy lights for you. So, if you're all up to go a little extra, this is for you. Find themed fairy lights around flowers, roses, hearts and more.

    You could also go for Glimmer Lightings and Design Vesign Inc for their floral and printed cone-shaped fairy lights. Their price range starts from INR 399. 

    #Tip3: Hang Up Some Dreamcatchers For Good Vibes

    Set of 2 Tassel Detail Mini Dream Catcher

    Set of 2 Tassel Detail Mini Dream Catcher


    This is a #boho trick which can never go wrong. The good news is that we happen to hoard some of the best collection of dreamcatchers. And they're simply awesome and colours and options are plenty. Find a cactus themed one, popsicle one, lots of florals and birds, fruits etc. 

    Find the entire collection here. We promise, you won't be able to pick just one. The pricing starts from INR 799 and upwards.

    PS: You can also pick mini combos like these. Yep, they're too cute!

    #Tip4: Turn It Into A Mini Farm

    NutriTube 8 Planter

    NutriTube 8 Planter


    You can also start your own indoor kitchen herb garden. Grow some fresh herbs, which are easy to take care of and do not require hourly maintenance. Some of the easiest herbs to grow at home are mint, basil, parsley, or even cilantro. All you need is a medium-sized pot, seeds and soil. 

    We grew a cute little farm using these plantable stationery. Called Jalebi, this eco-friendly brand offers pencils, which once used can be used to grow plants. These are made from waste newspapers with seeds attached at their end. These pencils come in a pack of 10 with two seeds each of coriander, tomatoes, chili, marigold, and tulsi and cost INR 100. Jalebi also has seeds that come attached with notebooks and bookmarks and a range of waterproof diaries. The plantable seed paper bags are also worth checking out. 

    You can also check out Nutrient Co. which will make your dream of a home farm come true. 

    #Tip5: Upcycle Old Stuff & Use It As Decor

    Got old bottles, CDs or boxes? Simply upcycle and use them as decor. For example, it is very easy to use the old tins, old jam bottles for plants. We tried a DIY with an old wine bottle. You can either hang them, or just keep them at the window. Other items that can come handy are kettles, cups, and even used deep dishes – just get some soil, and you have a plant growing out of a kitchen item.

    Check out Yes Yes Why Not for their upcycling hacks, tips and quirky products.

    #Tip6: Add Some Words (Or Sassy Quotes)

    'Abey Chill' Red Wooden Wall Hanging (11x4 inches)

    'Abey Chill' Red Wooden Wall Hanging (11x4 inches)


    Arrange some decor frames, hang up some quotes and add a fun element to make your window a smart one. There are tons of options when it comes to decor in our very own Shop. Likewise, we've got options with sassy quotes as well. Find 'em here

    PS: You can also hang up some bird feeders.

    #Tip7: Add Some Colour With A Suncatcher

    Peacock Feather Suncatcher

    Peacock Feather Suncatcher


    Love all thing rainbow? Then hang a pretty suncatcher which will filter in the sunlight and reflect beautiful, colourful patterns around your room. This one is made from stained glass and we suggest you clean this with a dry cloth so that the colours remain intact. If you're a sun-baby, you'll definitely love this one. 

    PS: Check out Glasshoppers for some super cool suncatchers.


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