5 Essentials To Make You Look Cool On The First Day Of Work

You've dreamt of this job for a while now, and you've finally sealed the deal. Now, it's time to move on to the next bit, where you dress to impress. Men, here are five essentials that can help you sail through the first day of work!

Upcycled Grey Front Zip Laptop Bag

This eco-friendly bag is one thing you need to make you stand out. Apart from that, it's great for the environment since it's made with scraps and surplus fabric. Yep! Tyre tubes, juice cartons and so much more are used to make this sustainable bag. Crafted by Earthy Zest, it'll cost you INR 1,600, and has five pockets for you to be able to carry everything you might need on your first day. Love it? We certainly do!

Envelope Blue Laptop Sleeve

We believe in minimalist designs, and what better way to carry your work laptop than in a super cool sleeve that even has a shoulder sling (whoa!) Made by The Kalakar Co., it's crafted with vegan leather, so it's fashionable and eco-friendly. If you don't have to carry too much on the first day of work, this makes for the perfect thing to sling along, dontcha think?

Handpainted Camera Sneakers

Sneakers are superbly comfy and on your first day, you'd rather wear something you've lived in, than anything else. These awesome camera sneakers by Funky N Trendy will cost you INR 2,999 but the coolest thing is that the design is handpainted with water resistant paint, perfect to smash that look.

Handblock Auto Print Black Casual Shirt

If you're entering a casual workspace, this shirt by Fancy Pastels is right up your alley. It's quirky, fun, and adds the perfect amount of charm to your everyday wardrobe. Costing just INR 1,550, the pattern is minimal yet fancy. Go crush it on your first day at work! 

V-Neck Stripes Hemp-Cotton Shirt

B Label from BoHeCo has taken the greener route when it comes to amping up fashion and sustainability. Made with hemp, a natural fiber, this gorgeous shirt is a cool alternative if you don't want to take the quirky route and just stay casual and chic. At INR 2,490, this shirt is perfect. Well, we think so!