Go To This Beautiful, Lush Green Park In Mumbai For A Sweet Escape

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Forest Park in Powai is an escape from the pollution and the hustle of the city. Here’s why you should take some time off.

What Makes It Awesome

Amidst the sky scrapers at Hiranandani is a green patch that Powai residents look forward to. Forest Park is a non-manicured forest leftover that still retains that old world charm with gazebos and paths lined with rocks. They have a jogging track to run at and seating for you to rest at. Since the rain Gods have been more than gracious off late, we think it would be a treat to sit and admire the weather and smell the rain hitting the mud.

The park sits quietly at Hiranandani Gardens and is frequented by fitness enthusiasts, strollers and college students. It’s open from 6AM in the morning till 10AM and reopens again till 6 PM. The entry to the park is free.


If you need some respite from the heat, Forest Park is always a few degrees lesser that the usual temperature outside.

Things To Look Forward To: Sunrise, sunset, outdoor facilities, photography paradise