No Money, No Problem: Fun Things You Can Do For Free This Valentine's Day

    The city of dreams never disappoints, but I heard someone saying that you can’t enjoy Mumbai if you don’t have a loaded wallet, which is completely false. This Valentine's Day, we believe All We Need Is Love, and a knack to plan things well...which is enough to make sure you'll have ample romance on V-Day, and no kadki for the rest of the month! Check out these Valentine's Day date ideas when you're on a tight budget. 

    Walk Down Ranwar Village Together


    Bandra West, Mumbai

    The quaint village consists of bungalows on each side, divided by Veronica Street. We always talk about how magical Waroda Road and its eateries are, but if you stray from the usual route, you’ll stumble upon something magical. The streets of Ranwar Village are almost like a river’s tributaries, all venturing into a peaceful place. Bonus points if you go here during Golden Hour, and get timeless pictures (selfies AND nicely taken ones) for future profile pictures.

    Spend A Day In The Bylanes Of Khotachiwadi


    Girgaum, Mumbai

    Are you both history/culture buffs? Khotachiwadi is a small Portuguese-Catholic hamlet in Girgaon with the kind of colourful bungalows, guitar-playing locals and food that’ll remind you of Goa. Colourful bungalow-cottages built in the typical Portuguese style take up residence besides the tiny lanes there. You can interact with locals and visit churches. It won't cost much, we promise!

    Spot Some Flamingos Together

    This is for the zoo-hating, animal-loving couple that loves, uh, local biodiversity. Flocks of flamingos can be found in Mumbai during their season which is usually from December to May. If you want to sight these tall-legged birds, you can find them from the Thane Creek to the Sewri jetty area till the Elephanta caves area, which is a 15-20 km stretch. Carry a pair of binoculars, or two, if you don't want to share!

    Soak In A Bird's Eye View At Sion Fort

    Just about 500 meters away from Sion station sits the Sion Fort. It’s a blessing in disguise for those looking to hear the chirping of birds, feel the gush of clean air and get a bird’s eye view of the city. You can spot flamingos from here, too, and visit during the sunset for a quiet, peaceful time. For a quick dinner, you could always head to Guru Kripa right after!

    P.S: Since trains are selectively functional, we'd suggest you both make a road trip out of it. 

    Admire Contemporary Art At Jehangir Gallery

    You'll be surprised to know that a lot of contemporary art galleries in Mumbai don't charge a penny - visitors are more than welcome to come and explore the spaces - a concept that has been followed by top-notch art galleries and museums in London (The TATE Modern and The National Gallery). One of them being the popular Jehangir Art Gallery in Fort. It hosts a lot of contemporary art exhibitions and right outside the gallery, you can also find street artists selling their artwork and artists who’ll make your portrait in under 10 minutes... A GREAT V-Day gift, if you ask us!

    Spend Hours Playing With Furry Friends

    Mumbai has many pet cafes and animal shelters which let you play, feed, bathe and cuddle with your favourite four-legged companions. You can visit Pefe in Andheri West to grab a meal with doggos (pay for the meal but the cuddles are all free!) Apart from cafes, there are animal shelters like Welfare for Stray Dogs, In Defense Of Animals, PAWS, etc which allows animal lovers to spend quality time with stray animals in their shelters. Ain't nothing more romantic than doing the puppers and kittens some good, if you ask us!

    Explore Mumbai's Very Own Chinatown

    Kuan Kung Temple

    Byculla, Mumbai

    Tucked away in a tiny corner of Mazgaon, is Mumbai’s very own Chinatown, complete with the Kwan Tai Shek Chinese temple and cemetery. Located a few metres away from the busy Dockyard Road train station, it is difficult to imagine that this area was once a thriving Chinese neighborhood and community. Though nothing to rival Calcutta’s famous Chinatown, the one here in Mazgaon once had thousands of Chinese families, largely traders, up until the 1960s. So this one's something for the couple that loves Mumbai, and history, and... China. 

    Walk On Marine Drive

    Starting from Nariman Point, and going all the way till Malabar Hill, this lovely route provides you with the best view of Mumbai’s skyline, lovely breeze and cyclist friendly tracks too. Either take a walk, sit and have a long chat or simply capture the beauty of nature while the city moves by. The best time to go there would be late evening, but you already know that! Make sure ya'll pet every doggo, and take tons of pictures together! It'll be a walk to remember, we promise.

    Spend A (Romantic) Day At SGNP

    Alright, we know this one isn't completely free, though we do think this is VERY cost-effective. A space that has something for every kind of couple, SGNP has opportunities to go on safaris, visit historical caves, and even ride a Toy Train. Not sure how it all works? Well, you're in luck, because we've got a complete guide for you! You can also have a cycling date inside the park early in the morning. 


    Opening hours and timings may be affected by Covid-19, please check before visiting parks, galleries etc. Do wear face masks and keep Covid-19 measures in mind when stepping out. Stay safe!