Watch The Universe Go By At The Nehru Planetarium In Worli For INR 60

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We stopped by Nehru Planetarium and National Museum in Worli and came back with more knowledge about the universe.

What Is It?

If you’ve ever been to Worli {duh}, you’d have noticed a beautiful building bang in the middle of Annie Besant Road and have probably wondered what it is. May be it’s offices, fancy apartments or an unaffordable hotel. The entire complex actually is dedicated to Nehru Planetarium – a dome-shaped theatre cum museum and the architectural marvel that stands behind is the National museum. We started with the Planetarium to catch the 3pm English show about the universe and its existence. The ticket costed us INR 60 and the show lasted for an hour. The dome screen mesmerises you and the whole show is a treat to those interested in astronomy. It’s a beginner’s guide, really. As soon as the show got over, we headed to the installations/projects on display. That was quite a delight too. We then decided to move to the museum which stood tall and proud with a red carpet of sorts formed by the maroon-coloured stairs. Don’t be fooled by that, because the path is closed. You’ll have to take the unglamorous gate besides. As soon as we entered, we were greeted by a long line of people waiting at the ATM inside. Choosing to ignore that, we were told the museum is on the first floor. Now, when you enter the museum, make sure you ask the officials where it starts from. This is important because the space encapsulates the entire history of India in the form of a maze. You’ll literally travel from the Harappan culture to Asoka’s regime to the modern times. There are sculptures, sceneries and objects to be admired. Again, if you’re a history enthusiast, please visit this.

So, We're Saying...

If you want to nerd out solo or have engaging conversations about why the sun signs aren’t the same anymore because of shifts in the constellations, give Nehru Planetarium a chance. It’s the perfect turf.