Miniature Cheeseplatter Or Bookshelf, But As A Necklace? This Artist Makes Them!

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What Makes It Awesome

Handmade is making a comeback and how and I couldn't be happier. There is something wonderful about owning a piece that was made with creativity and skill, that's just yours. No two handmade pieces are ever the same and that's something that always makes me smile - ditching the cookie cutter for something that's just mine. 

I found Vidushi Nahar via her Insta page and it was insta love or love at first sight when I saw her handmade necklaces, especially the cheese platter (INR 700). Each of these necklaces are moulded, baked, and put together by hand individually. And for a hardcore foodie like me, there couldn't be a better accessory. Vidushi started her journey by creating handpainted shoes for her son and over the years evolved using different media like acrylics, watercolors, fluid art, polymer clay, and resin art. I loved how functional her artwork is and most of her products work as decorative pieces for your home ie art that's meant to fit your everyday life. Her art is inspired by life around her and she loves nature and draws from it which is definitely visible in her work.

I fell for the beautiful resin flower coasters with real flowers embedded - think bright pink bougainvillaea in resin - and the miniature clay jewellery. She also makes customised portraits too based on your requirements. Prices range from INR  400 to 5000 which I personally think is very affordable considering that each piece is made by hand by Vidushi herself.


You can shop their range on Instagram. They ship Pan-India and shipping is chargeable.