Gossip Monger To Animal Lover: Gifts Under INR 500 For Every Type Of Friend


    This one's mainly for our little social butterflies. Or those folks who know absolutely everyone in town.  You know, like friends of friends of friends. Or those who are legit invited to all parties and social gatherings. Most of you either are one of them or sure know many like these in your circle. 

    Now, if you fit in the former category, we know the struggle. Zillion birthdays, parties, festive gatherings (think Diwali parties or Secret Santa) and the list goes on and on. And in such cases, gifting kinda becomes annoying. Yep, we know you love them, but it also adds up to your spending. But who says thoughtful gifts have to be super expensive. While, how much you decide to spend is super subjective, we've asked a few folks around (friends, colleagues, etc.) and got to know that more or less people are willing to spend approximately INR 500 - INR 1000 for gifts.

    So, we've made life (and gifting) super easy for you and rounded up a few gifting ideas which are under INR 500. They're thoughtful, will be loved by your friends and won't burn your pocket. Win-win!  

    Here's a list of gifting ideas under INR 500:

    For Your Crazy Bhukad Friend

    Mini Happiness Box

    Of course, there's a lot (and a lot) you can gift your foodie friends, but we settled on this amazing mini happiness box. A few of LBB's folks sent across these mini-jars to their loved ones, and it's now officially a go-to for everyone when it comes to a thoughtful yet budget-friendly gifting option. 

    They'll remember you every time they open these jars of sweetness. These spreads come in five flavours including Vanilla Honey, Orange, Mango Jalapeno, Wholegrain Mustard and Rasberry Strawberry (our favourite). Each jar is 40 grams. Depending on how bhukhad your friend is, it will last them a good three to four months. 

    Price: INR 360

    Psst: They'll love the fact that they can reuse the five glass jars once the spreads are over. (haha!)

    You can also opt from these amazing snack hampers your foodie friends will love. 

    For That Friend Who LOVES Gossip

    Gossip Monger Wooden Medal

    Let's just accept it. Life and social gatherings without them are so boring. And they deserve something special to keep up updated with all the gossip. Who's shifting to the States, who's getting married, who recently broke up, screenshots of spicy conversations, and much more *wink wink*! 

    We've found a perfect gift for those gossip mongers in your life. A customised and chic wooden finish medal which says 'Biggest Gossip Monger'. Make them feel special for the public service they're offering you (as Rachel Green would say).

    Price: INR 499.

    #LBBTip: there are four design options available. And you can get it further customised as well (additional charges for that) 

    The One Who's Polar Opposite To You

    "More Same Than Different" Framed Wall Art

    Yep. From bluntly telling you when you're wrong to almost always having a fight choosing one restaurant/cuisine - every social circle has an example of these. But, deep down you know you guys are like burger and fries. Better together. 

    And what could be more ideal than this uber-cool graphic frame? It's just perfect and will make them love you even more. And it's super compact and versatile. Can be hung on the wall or simply set on a table. 

    Price: INR 599 (sorry, it's 100 more, but didn't want to leave this out)!  

    Or, you might want to splurge a little more. Here's a gifting guide under 1000.

    For The One Who's Sassy AF!

    Doodle Sarcastic Fluency Eco-Friendly Diary

    These guys can be annoying, but their spot on replies make every conversation so much fun! And it's time you too for once get a little sassy/savage like them. We've stumbled upon this amazing notebook which reads "Fluent In Sarcasm".  This is THE gift for them, trust us. 

    Price: INR 220.  

    For The One Who Prefers Animals > Humans

    Cute Dog Decorative Pen Stand

    OMG! This is the cutest pen stand we've come across for your animal-loving friend. Best part? It's decor + storage + quirky. Your gift couldn't get better. And we can guarantee that any animal lover will appreciate this gift from you.

    Price: INR 400. 

    For The Friend Who Marie Kondo's Everything

    Weekly Schedule Hanging Organiser

    That person in your life who'll come to your home and start cleaning your room. Or that friend who is so particular about organising, that they'll even have labels and colour coordinate stuff. We've got something perfect for that OCD-driven friend of yours. Weekly hanging organisers for their room. Give them one more reason to go crazy with their obsession. From weekly tasks to reminders, they can use this organiser in multiple ways. 

    Price:  INR 399.

    For The One Who's Always On The 'Gram

    Cat Claw Design Power Bank

    Always scrolling. Always reading comments of random strangers. Always playing around with image filters. And after spending hours doing this, kinda complaining about why their battery always dies. Umm, duh! Hence, the best gift for them is to make sure their battery doesn't die. Enter: portable cat-themed power bank. It's cute, it's compact and it's so helpful. From last-minute plans to travel trips, they can carry this everywhere they go. 

    Price: INR 499.

    For That Colleague/Buddy Who's Always Cold

    Cute Rabbit Transparent Hand Warmer

    This one is mainly for those colleagues turned buddies who'll always ask for the AC temperature to be increased. And will always have a hoodie or a shawl around them. And we're so so excited to share this find of ours. We've found the cutest hand warmers which will keep your cold hands warm and comfortable. Who would not love this? It's so so adorable. 

    Price: INR 399.

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