Head To The Yoga House For A Good Workout And Quinoa Burgers For After

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The Yoga House is a beautiful yoga studio in Bandra with an open-air rooftop café serving health food sunny side up.

Chow Down

Try the quinoa burger called the ‘I Am Detoxifying’ burger. This is super yum and has quinoa {of course}, watermelon seeds {which are a hidden gem}, and spring onions mixed with hummus in the patty. It works well for when you want to eat healthy and light as there is nothing fried inside this.

Besides the burger, I tried the Mykonos tartine sandwich with crumbled feta cheese, and a simple, light combination of tomatoes and cucumber drizzled with olive oil.

Sip On

I liked Mami’s coffee – which is coffee with jaggery, instead of refined sugar. It’s delicious.

Anything Else?

I love the ambience at Yoga House, especially the mattress seating in the balcony area. I also love the charm of the different levels and having to cross slightly rickety chairs to get there.

So, We’re Saying…

Although food at The Yoga House does come at a higher price tag, it’s menu is especially for those looking to grab a good, filling bite which is healthy too. Go here on a good weather day and grab a mattress to lounge in.