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Of Berry Pulao, Custard & More: Our Guide To Eating At The Iconic Britannia & Co.

Jayati posted on 30 August


Britannia and Co. is not just an iconic Parsi restaurant in Mumbai, but a definite must-do on every tourist’s bucket list. If you’re planning on stopping by, find our guide to eating your heart out here with love and more.

Let's Begin: With The Regulars

Housed inside a colonial bungalow in Ballard Estate, Fort, Britannia & Company is currently being run by Mr Boman Kohinoor – a third generation Kohinoor since it opened its doors in 1923. Hardly anything’s changed here- neither the ambience nor the decor {you will still spot the same bentwood furniture imported from Poland during the eatery’s early years}.

Take a seat and begin your meal with their very special berry pulao – a recipe that was brought to life by the late Mrs Bachan Kohinoor. Inspired from her days in Iran, she decided to introduce the special Iranian pulao to the restaurant, and it has been a hit ever since. Here, they serve seven kinds of berry pulao, with barberry still being imported from Iran to retain its authenticity.

We suggest, order in a plateful of mutton berry pulao {INR 700}, or the chicken berry pualo. For the vegetarians, we suggest veg berry pulao {INR 350}.

Moving On To The Underdogs

Since Britannia takes pride in its Parsi authenticity, order in sali boti mutton {INR 600}, which you can have with a side of their paper thin chapatis. For the vegetarians, the veg dhansak {INR 300} is equally delicious. Since dhansak usually comes with a serving of rice, you could also go ahead and order the basmati rice {INR 150} on the menu.

Other things to order, if you still have the appetite life, is their delicious deep fried mutton {INR 350}, and chicken cutlets {INR 350} as accompaniments. Two pieces each, the cutlets are soft and juicy.

Saving the best for the last, order in a plate of the fried Bombay duck {INR 400} and thank us later.

To drown these light spices, sip on the raspberry soda, special to Parsi cafes in Mumbai.

And The Winner

The caramel custard {INR 150} that stands shy and firm. It isn’t egg-y or too sweet, and has just enough flavours for us to taste the caramel bit of it, and fall in love with this special dessert that is being served here for decades.

#LBBTip: The chocolate mousse is pretty good as well, in case you’re looking for a sweet ending.

So, We're Saying...

Britannia has stood the test of time and history. Till date, Mr Kohinoor personally interacts with the guests and brightens up the eatery with his age-old wit, charm and laugh. And if you’ve got the time, watch him bring out the newspaper clips and talk fondly of the place he loves and nurtures every day.

Fun fact: They have a cut out of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate at the restaurant, as we all know Kohinoors love the Royals.

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