Mirror Mirror: We Found Handcrafted Decor That Illuminates Your Home

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What Makes It Awesome

Two trips to Jaipur left me with a love for both the city and its handicrafts. Coming home with boxes of bangles in bright hues, cotton prints and decorative pieces, I still remember the excitement of it all. But above all, I remember being awed by the intricacy of the artisan's work. And Inara is bringing some of that magic back for me through their designs.

Inara works with local artisans to create designs that are inspired by the rich legacy of handicrafts we have in India, blended with a contemporary aesthetic to create decor that's ideal for apartment living - think bare walls, cozy nooks and unadorned apartments that we're only now spending time in and investing in decorating. Inspired by the ancient art of 'thikri' or mirror inlay, Inara's name itself reflects (pun intended) the inspiration it draws from, as Inara means 'illuminating or shining light' in Arabic. If you've ever found yourself captivated by a stray reflection dancing on the ceiling or the wall, its playful beauty and the way the reflected light shines, you'll enjoy their pieces. Meant for smaller spaces, you'll find wall decor, wall accents and table-top pieces to add some character to your home (and a bit of love, too because these handcrafted pieces are anything but loveless). Inspired by nature and the city they are born in, Jaipur, you'll find floral motifs, animal designs - I personally loved the peacock and the elephant wall accents. If abstract is more your vibe, they also have intricate abstract pieces for your wall.

The intricate inlays on a base of limestone are hours of dedicated and skilful work, so do expect to shell out upwards of INR 2,000 for the artwork. They have a catalogue of existing products and are happy to customise as well.

What Could Be Better

Currently they are only accepting orders via Instagram DMs. 


They ship across India. Jaipur folks can shop their range in person at Agora, situated across Hawa Mahal.