You're Not A Muggle: Potterheads, Add These Amazing Products To Your Collection

Are you the kind that has stood in line when the magical world of Harry Potter was introduced to the janta? Are most of your conversations with your gang overtaken by discussing Harry Potter? Is your wardrobe/room full of Harry Potter merchandise?  Then non- Muggle, we've found a way to keep the magic flowing just for you.

Check out our guide to products and merchandise you've got to own (not a Horcrux joke. Really). 

The Deathly Hallows Pendant

Equipped with one of the most powerful tools in wizardry, this cool accessory is sure to make you the Master of Death. The deathly hallow symbol pendant comes with a miniature replica of the Elder Wand, adding more funkiness to it. And pizzazz. I mean, it's the wand of doom for crying out loud! 

Price: INR 600

Buy From: The Entertainment Store

Harry Potter Themed Headphones

Let's accept this. Whether you're buying it for yourself or as a gift, headphones are one of the most thoughtful gifts. And we've found amazing light-weight headphones with designs representing all the Houses of the Hogwarts. It's in Griffindor red, so you gotta be brave to pick it up! Price: INR 799.

Buy From: Superhero Toystore

Illustrated Edition of The Philosopher's Stone

Of course, this Potter-lover has read the first, second, third and fourth already, don’t ask impertinent questions like these. This is the illustrated colour edition of the same, and that makes all the difference. Just give up on the other books. Really. This collection is BAE. 

Price: INR 795

Buy From: Amazon

Harry Potter's Marauder Map

Explore the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry with Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs through the Marauder Map! You can either use it as a piece of home decor hang it up on your room paired with all the other collectibles. We solemnly swear we're ONLY upto good here. 

Price: INR 499.

Buy From: Jholmaal

Funky Notebook

Stationery freaks, unite! Get your hands on a set of amazing diaries and notebooks with funky Harry Potter themed graphics and illustrations. After all, wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure and you need something to pen that down, don't you? 

Price: INR 199

Buy From: Souled Store

Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 Wooden Sign

We've spotted an adorable wooden sign with a cute graphic and carved text saying 'Platform No 9 3/4th', the platform from where the Hogwarts Express leaves. The sign can be mounted on your wall or the bedroom door too. It's time you enter the magical world through your bedroom. *portkey alert* 

Price: INR 599

Buy From: WoodGeek

Harry Potter Gift Set

Well, if you wanna go all out, opt for this amazing Harry Potter Gift set. The set includes the Harry Potter music box, classic socks and Elder Wand metallic keychain. All you need is a swish and a flick! 

Price: INR 1,399

Buy From: BigSmall

An Official Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

You're not a muggle anymore! How about a customized Hogwarts Acceptance letter with your name and address on it? How cool is that! Your letter will come neatly packed in a wax seal envelope with a 9 3/4 platform ticket.  

Price: INR 999

Buy From: Epic Stuff

Playing Cards

Have a group of crazy Potterheads and want to bond over a fun game night? Well, we've discovered a pack of Harry Potter themed playing cards which are sure to bring alive the magical world of Hogwarts. 

Price: INR 699

Buy From: Geek Monkey

Gryffindor's Scarf

You won’t just stop at the t-shirt, will you? Don’t be too appalled if they’re only going to be dressing up as a student of a fantastical school from now on. Everybody has their quirks and that’s why you love them.

Price: INR 599

Buy From: Jholmaal

Mischief Managed.