Accio Gifts: 14 Best Harry Potter Merchandise To Buy Online

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How many times have you secretly hoped to receive your Hogwarts Letter? Or perhaps yearned for a massive half-giant, half-human to knock down your door on your 11th birthday at midnight? Wands, magic, broomsticks, potions - the Harry Potter franchise is hands down the best movie adaptation of all time. 

If you're a die-hard Potterhead, chances are you already have a bunch of really awesome collectables and memorabilia from the Potterverse. But hey, there's always room for more, just like Hermoine's enchanted beaded bag. As the Harry Potter series celebrated its 20th anniversary recently, we took this chance to round up this list of 20 really cool Harry Potter merchandise that you MUST own. Consider this your very own Diagon Alley, for all things magical and necessary.

Let's raise our wands to this and solemnly swear that we're up to no good?

Make Some Magical Tea

Le Creuset has a limited edition stovetop kettle that features a design inspired by the Wizarding World. The Hogwarts Express Kettle is inspired by the iconic train and is finished in a matte black and Cerise red enamel. It features a gold-coloured, whistling spout and a gold-coloured knob with the number 9 ¾ inscribed on it. You can pick this up from March 7th onwards from all Le Creuset Stores in the country as well as Tata Cliq Luxury.

Shell Out: INR 15,000

How About A Soapy Secret Potter Spa?

Soapy Secret Harry Potter Spa Collection

This one's a really cute soapy secret spa hamper that comprises a sorting hat cupcake soap, a Harry Potter popsicle soap with Potter glasses drawn on it, a Horcrux donut soap, a whipped sugar scrub, a bath salt, and a lip scrub. This hamper is also perfect for gifting purposes. So if you know of a Potterhead who is also a fan of self-grooming, then just add this cute spa collection from The Glocal Store to your cart. 

Shell Out: INR 1,768

Time To Show Your Magical Powers With This Wand

Harry Potter - Dumbledore Elder Magic Wand

There ain't no Potterhead who won't love the OG magical wand that honestly doesn't even need any introduction. We got the perfect one from Amazon. Handpainted to perfection, this one's a Dumbledore Elder magic wand that makes you feel like a powerful wizard. Easy to clasp, and super stylish, this one's a must-buy! 

Shell Out: INR 1,299

Travel With Baby Harry Potter

Harry Potter Cartoon Luggage Tags

Harry Potter Cartoon Luggage Tags


For when you're seeking your very own Horcruxes, this luggage tag will prove to be a real charmer. It's got a baby Harry on a broomstick and is made with silicone. There are two variants available for this - Harry with a wand and Harry on a broomstick. The latter is cuter, in our opinion. 

Shell Out: INR 299

Pamper Yourself With A Potter Special Hamper

Harry Potter Gift Hamper

Harry Potter Gift Hamper


How about going all out like Harry and Ron during their first ride to Hogwarts, when they took over most of Honeydukes Express' supply? Don't settle for just one or two things, get this entire set instead. This one from The Dotted I has a pillow, mug, notebook or towel, activity book, magic hot chocolate potion, caramel popcorn, pringles, snitch-themed Ferrero rocher, monster drink and a scroll. So effin cool, right?

Shell Out: INR 3,550

Remind Yourself Of The Hatred Towards Dolores

No.31 Proclamation Print

I think it's safe for us to agree on the fact that Dolores Umbridge was the most hated character in the entire series. Probably why we were screaming with joy when Fred and George destroyed Umbridge with their grand exit in Order Of Pheonix. This Education Decree was one of the many that were put up at the entrance of the Great Hall. Another great memorabilia to remember is how everyone united against the ever-so-annoying Dolores. 

Shell Out: 1,650

Scarf It Up With This Popular Gryffindor Merch

Harry Potter House Scarves

This one, from BigSmall, is fairly common, but also one of the most sought-after merchandise. The magical scarf has the traditional house colors of the Gryffindor and is perfect for all occasions! Whether you'd like to wear it for everyday use or to a theme party or even Halloween, this scarf adds a pop of color that you might need on a grey winter afternoon. It also has the house crest embroidered on it. We'd say, take a little bit of Hogwarts, wherever you go!  

Shell Out: INR 799

Wearing This Is A Socksy Affair

Harry Potter Inspired Short Socks

Another common and widely bought Harry Potter merchandise is this pair of HP socks with a cute babyface HP graphic on it. It features Potter wearing his signature round glasses, with a tiny lightning symbol on his head. And we love how warm and fuzzy they look and feel when worn. Jholmaal's got them in Harry and Hermione prints too, and they're really comfortable, with flexible elastic. 

Shell Out: INR 399 

Wear Hogwarts Even If You Couldn't Go To One

Embroidered hoodie

We want you to know that it is okay if you couldn't go to Hogwarts. You can still add this uber-cool HnM hoodie to your cart. This brand has quite a few HP merches, but our most favorite is this green hoodie made of soft cotton. It's got the Hogwarts emblem embroidered on the front, with a jersey-lined, wrap-over hood and a decorative drawstring. The dropped shoulders and long sleeves with side stripes totally steal the show and enhance the cool quotient. So, wear it with pride and feel like a student from Hogwarts! 

Shell Out: INR 1,999

Face The (Good) Hedwig Music At Home

Harry Potter Hedwig Theme Music Box

We first spotted this Hedwig-themed music box at a tiny store in Mumbai's Dadar area and were quite fascinated. The Hedwig music is a popular Instagram reel audio, used by millions of Potterheads. But what better way to listen to it than to own the music box itself? This one from Jholmaal serves as a quirky decor piece, and also entertains with its mysterious tunes. 

Shell Out: INR 599

Wear 'Em Deathly Hallows On Your Ears

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows & Snitch Ball Combo Earrings for Girls

Another way for you to wear HP merch is to buy these mysterious earrings that resemble the Deathly hallows of the series. The Deathly Hallows were three highly powerful magical objects supposedly created by Death and given to each of the three brothers in the Peverell family in Harry Potter. This stylish HP-themed earring comes with a Snitch ball and the Deathly Hallows and it doesn't just look intriguing, but also quite quirky. 

Shell Out: INR 254

Pen Down All Your Spells In This Gryffindor Diary

Official Harry Potter Gryffindor Hand Book Diary

Experience the vast and diverse Wizarding world, all packed up into this official Harry Potter gold foil embossed handbook cum diary by Cover It Up. Perfect for bringing magic into your day–to–day life, this handbook guarantees to cast a spell on you! It contains a Marauders Map with removable flap, a Hogwarts Admission Letter, and has a solid 192 pages! 

Shell Out: INR 1708

Take Potter To Work With These Laptop Stickers

Harry Potter Skin Sticker For 15.6 Inch

Work can get boring, but why should your laptop be so? Spruce it up with a Harry Potter-themed sticker instead. This skin sticker comes with the signature round Potter glass and a lightning symbol and looks really cool. The best part? You also get three mobile stickers free with this laptop sticker. This one's scratch-resistant, and can also be removed easily. 

Shell Out: INR 279 

HP Bookmarks For HP Books, Anyone?

Harry Potter Pack of 6 Magnetic Bookmarks

While you indulge in Harry's world through JK Rowling's books, here are some magnetic bookmarks that you can keep handy to start from where you stopped. These cute ones come in a set of 6. There's one that says- 'Wizards Only Can Open This', another one that reads 'Don't let the Muggles get you down'. There's an 'I'd rather be at Hogwarts' and a very popular saying -'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good'. There's also a Hogwarts Express logo bookmark, and another one with the Hogwarts emblem. 

Shell Out: INR 299


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