Hippie Vibes: Give Your Home A Bohemian Make Over

Whether you’re obsessed with eclectic prints or color-pop furniture, Bohemianism can spruce up any living space. If you love unconventional décor, prints, colors, rugs, lamps, maps, paintings, pots and other bohemian elements, here’s how you can give your living space a bit of your personality by shopping for bohemian décor from these stores in the city.

Dreamcatchers From Soul Works

Nothing speaks Bohemian like a dreamcatcher. Head over to The Soul Works in Bandra to choose from a wide range of options in every possible colour combination and size. They have dreamcatchers made of embroidery threads, wool, feathers, bead, lace and metal rings.  If you want to make your own dreamcatcher, they even sell the Dreamcatcher DIY Kit. 

Cost: INR 250 onwards

#LBBTip- Karima is the owner of the brand who is also a professional tarot reader

Home Décor Stores

Soul Works

14, Tertulian Road, Bandra West, Mumbai


Macrame Wall Hangings From Freedom Tree

Whether you like the classic all-white, beaded wall hangings, or if you’re about all things psychedelic, the range of macame wall hangings at Freedom Tree includes it all. This home décor store with various outlets in Mumbai is for those who like breezy, relaxed, colourful homes. Their handcrafted products are made by local artisans and manufacturers, and other than macramé wall hangings they also sell on  upholstery, curtains, cushions, bedcovers, dinnerware, dohars, and rugs

Cost: INR 900 onwards

Home Décor Stores

Freedom Tree

Bandra Breeze, 23-28, 28th Road, Bandra West, Mumbai


Tassle Bedcovers At Home Canvas

Fringe, tassells, and prints- being Bohemian is all about patterns, textures and color, and if it’s a bedroom that you want to spruce up, a Bohemian styled bedcover is the best piece of décor to invest in. Cozy it up with tons of pillows and you’re done. With home styling solutions curated by designers, suppliers and artisans from all over the country, Home Canvas has the most dreamy furnishings that will help you find exactly what you need.

Cost: INR 3000 onwards

Crochet Pillow Covers From Engrave

Cozy pillows, curtains and rugs combine to make a globally inspired space, and for the perfect Bohemian mood, you can’t go wrong with crochet pillow covers. Check out the collection at Engrave, a brand that brings together local artisans from all over India. From crochet pillow covers and tassle rugs to quirky bathroom décor, vases, wall clocks and photo frames, they have a wide range of products available.

Cost: INR 500 onwards 

Colorful Lanterns At Gelani Light House

Looking for shades and lanterns to cozy up your space? Check out the collection at Gelani Light House, where the vast range of retro, vintage and colourful Turkish lamps will definitely have something for you. They even have lamp shades with colourful resin work, perfect additions to a Bohemian space.  The store also stocks basic LED lights, light bulbs, halogens, tube lights, string lights, table lamps and a variety of doorbells.

Cost: INR 300 onwards 

Lightning Stores

Gelani Light House

Goregoankar Building, A-43, Opp. D Silva School, Dadar West, Mumbai


Hammocks At Hang It

Every boho pad could use a swing or a hanging chair. A hammock makes for a cozy reading spot, or just a space to sit back and relax in. Head over to Hang It from where you can buy Brazilian hammocks with single or double seating capacity which can be used indoors or even outdoors

Cost: INR 1000 onwards

Printed Rug At Carpet Maker’s

You can use a colourful, printed rug to define your living space. Vintage meets eclectic Mediterranean in a classic printed rug that can be bought at Carpet Maker’s. They have plus, luxurious ones that can cost you lakhs, but if you’re looking for budget buys they have rugs in cute colors that will cost you a few thousands. They sell Iranian, Afghani, Kashmiri and Turkish carpets.

Cost: INR 4000 onwards 

Home Décor Stores

Carpet Maker

Seawoods Grand Central Mall, Lower Ground Floor, Shop 102, Station Road, Nerul, Navi Mumbai


Printed Crockery At The Crockery Hut

Add some color to your dining tables! To get the perfect Bohemian vibe in your dining room, use printed crockery to reflect the mood of the space. Blue, white, yellow and red prints on ceramic crockery brightens up the space, and you can find the perfect collection at The Crockery Hut, a bespoke crockery store that has a beautiful collection of dinnerware and tableware.

Cost: INR 500 onwards

Kitchen Supplies

The Crockery Hut

Atria Mall, Ground Floor, Shop 15, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai