We're Saying It: Joey's In Malad Has The Best Pizza In Town {By Far}

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If you’re looking for that one pizza that will satisfy your soul and take away your hunger in an instant, then Joey’s Pizza at Malad is what you’ve been looking for all along.

Chow Down

Finding pizza is never an issue. But finding the right kind, one with the perfect crust, flavours, cheese and loads of toppings, all within a budget can get tricky. Unless you’re at Joey’s Pizza in Malad, a small eatery that may not be able to boast about its ambience, but when it comes to taste, it’s far ahead in the race. Now, many might say it’s better than the most pleasurable things in life {your mind is wandering, please bring it back and focus}. But honestly, there’s no denying that. And to believe this, just try any of their pizzas.

Our first and the most favourite {okay, that’s debatable since we have a few favourites} one is the Meat Feast, that as the name suggests, is loaded with varieties of meat – sausages, salami, ham coupled with loads of cheese and bakes to perfection. Yes, absolute, divine perfection. Priced at INR 250 for a small one, you’ll want to just keep eating. Their Tornado Pizza priced at INR 280 for small, is another heavenly combination of spicy chicken keema and chicken tikka {wait for the flavours to burst in your mouth}.

What’s also amazing here is that you can always opt for a 50-50 combination for your pizza, which basically lets you have two of your favourites neatly divided and served in one. We suggest you opt for the butter chicken and spicy keema or the spicy keema and Waikiki combo. Neither will disappoint because you will just have too much meat, cheese and too many flavours carefully put together before your eyes {we’re crying as write this because it’s tough to not crave for a pizza}. Trust us when we say this, there’s no other value for money pizza joint in this city that will do this kind of justice to our absolute favourite food.

Anything Else?

They also have many vegetarian options, so don’t miss out on the goodness that the paneer makhana pizza is. For INR 250 for a small one, it will promise to transport you to heaven, much like the chef’s favourite pizza will. Priced at INR 210 for small, it’s a divine combination of mushrooms, cheese, onions and more. Do try their garlic bread which is another one of their bestsellers. A meal for two will cost you approximately INR 800, which is perfect if you’re looking for something filling within your budget.

So We’re Saying…

For lip-smacking pizzas, Joey’s must be your number one option. Go there for their waistline expanding, delicious pizzas or simply order in a large pizza and save a slice for breakfast!


Sip on chilled beer while you gorge on these heavenly slices at home, because there’s no better and a more perfect combination than this.