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    Once In A Full Bloom: Make A Trip To Maharashtra's Own Valley Of Flowers

    Bhavika posted on 04 August


    Surround yourself with nature by driving down to Kaas, Maharashtra’s very own Valley of Flowers. The gorgeous Kaas plateau is green and lush, and is at a distance of 280 kilometres from Mumbai.

    Every September, the buds in Kaas bloom lead to a beautiful sight of a valley full of flowers of all colours, and that’s when you must plan your trip.

    What Makes It Awesome

    The Kaas Plateau (also known as Kaas Pathar) is a UNESCO World Heritage site, that goes into full bloom every September, and it’s a gorgeous, gorgeous site. 

    You'll get to see hundreds of varieties of wildflowers in full bloom and every colour you can imagine. More than 300 varieties of wildflowers, herbs, orchids, shrubs and insectivorous plants can be seen here. It's truly a sight for sore eyes! 

    In case you aren’t confident about making the journey by yourself, a lot of travel groups organise tours. Trek Mates India is one such tour that has three batches, all in September (overnight stay) that will cost you INR 2,000 per head. 

    Mumbai Pune Adventures, another trekking group, has also planned a 1 night 1 day trip to Kaas Valley, with multiple date options in the month of September. We suggest you book your tickets immediately. You can contact them on 9967564888 / 7039576756. 


    Don't leave home without good shoes, snacks and a phone with some storage space because you will want to Instagram the life out of the place. Also, if you’re staying overnight, remember to make reservations at a hotel or homestay in Satara itself.

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