Get Sofa Swings, Intricate Wallpaper & Gorgeous Art For Your Home From Kalakaari Haath


    What Makes Them Awesome

    Kalakaari Haath (or the skilled hands), is a design started by an architect and designer Sahiba Madan, is a brand focusing on giving traditional handcrafted art space in your home.

    This design studio combines traditional and modern techniques to make unique things for your home – anything from absolutely gorgeous wallpapers made from canvas, wall paintings, offbeat furniture such as suspended sofa swings (called ‘the oonjal’) or a uniquely shaped reading table. 

    Apart from custom-made furniture, they also make imaginative wall decals, cushion covers, table runners and gorgeous tableware like coasters and trays in traditional patterns. If you're looking to add sense to your home, definitely opt for their amazing wallpapers and accessories (which also happen to be their best sellers). 

    Accessories start around the INR 1,000 range while furniture starts around INR 12,000. This brand is surely on the heavier side. But look at those beauties! It's completely worth the splurge. 

    So, We're Saying...

    Looking for a facelift for your walls, or home in general? Kalakaari Haath are just the people for you.