This Brand Lets You Gift A Thank You Box To Our Soldiers, And We're In Awe!

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21 Fools

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What Makes It Awesome

I've always been a fan of 21Fools for their plantable calendar and stationery. For those unaware, 21Fools is a super cool online store which does eco-friendly stationery, gifting and plantable stationery. So, anything from their handmade papers to envelopes and calendars grows into a lush garden once you're done using it. So, instead of throwing the previous year's calendar, you can grow it and cherish it forever. These eco-friendly calendars turn into 12 different plants. These will bloom into plants and herbs such as marigold, tomato, pansy, chilli, petunia, among others.

But what really caught my attention was a section which read "send thank you boxes to soldiers". How adorable and awesome is that? It's an initiative which includes sending thank you boxes to the Indian soldiers on the border and a small way to appreciate their constant effort to keep us safe. The box includes three cotton masks, a handcrafted diary, a photo frame, rakhi, plantable seed paper thank you card, a yellow postcard for the soldiers to write us back. The prices of these boxes start at INR 340 and upwards (this would be for four soldiers). You can opt to send it in bulk as well. For instance, you can send gift boxes to 20 soldiers for INR 1,700. And likewise, can choose to send gift boxes to 50 soldiers as well. 

We clearly need more initiatives like these. 

Oh, and they've also got a super cool Diwali Box which includes seed-infused crackers. These look exactly like our regular crackers but instead of bursting them, you sow them into the soil. Great and apt for gifting your employees, friends and family. And, you can also get wedding invitations printed on their plantable papers. That way your loved ones can grow some love, rather than dumping the card away.