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    Rajasthani Bags, Junk Jewellery & More: What To Buy On Your Way To Elephanta Caves

    Jayati posted on 07 November


    The Elephanta caves are a UNESCO Heritage site, and rightly so. One can easily shop while on their way to the caves or while coming back, and we checked it out for you.

    How Do I Get There?

    The island, also called the city of caves is a popular spot with the tourists. Created from solid basalt rock, one can find beautiful paintings carved on to the rocks. However, the way to the caves is long and we decided to see what more does it offer.

    There are tons of speed boats and ferries that ply to the caves from the Gateaway of India jetty. For INR 160-INR 180, you can take a boat, which takes approximately an hour to get to the island. The last boat that leaves from the island is at 5.30pm, so make sure to keep that in mind when exploring and shopping.


    As you walk towards the caves, both the sides of the path are lined with shops and food stalls. If you’re a lover of traditional and colourful bags, make sure to stop by a few of the bag stalls. These Rajasthani bags are for as low as INR 100 for a small wallet and INR 200 for a sling bag. As the golden rules goes, make sure you bargain!


    The steps leading up the caves have jewellery stalls in abundance, almost like a mini Colaba Causeway. We found everything, from neck-pieces, bracelets, anklets to earrings to chunky toe rings and rings.

    A lot of the jewellery we came across was elephant-themed, like the elephant pendant {INR 200}. Apart from this, one can easily buy beautiful bracelets {INR 50}, earrings {INR 60} or even elephant-shaped anklets {INR 50}.

    Everything Shells

    Since the Elephanta island is surrounded by sea, a lot of the jewellery was made from cute corals and sea shells. We found a coral neck-piece for INR 100, sea shell neck-piece and earrings set for INR 150, shells in all shapes and sizes starting at INR 250 a piece, and our favourite, sea shells wind chime for INR 450.


    Though there weren’t too many apparel stalls, we did find a few in the beginning, right before you start climbing the steps in the big open space area. A cute elephant-print kaftan for INR 300 and elephant-print pajamas for INR 200.

    Home Décor/Souvenirs

    For people looking to buy things to take for their friends back for memento sake, we found quite a lot of options there, from the quintessential key-chains, to postcards on peepul leaf skin {INR 50 each} or cotton lamps for INR 350 upwards.


    Beware of the monkeys, dogs, and cows there. Though the dogs and the cows will only come near if you’re eating something, the monkeys can be aggressive so make sure to no eat in front of them, or feed them.

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