Got A Need For Speed? Here's Where You Can Rev Up Your Race Car Driving Dreams

Beginners should start their journey into race-car driving with go-karting. Go-karts are basic, cheap and non-geared, but the dynamics are similar to those of a race-cart. After you've mastered those, you can delve into professional go-karting. These go-karts are high performance, and aren’t available to the public, unless you are a trained driver. Here’s how to get started, and possibly make your way to the F1!

Rayo Racing, Kharadi

Rayo Racing

Rayo Racing in Pune has been started by Rayomen Banerjee from Mumbai. He coaches the top driver, and has an experience of 35-40 years. At Rayo Racing, they have different summer camps and full-time camps where interested people visit, get training, and based on the racer’s calibre, they will placed in a racing event, and eventually a team.

Types of events: LGB, 16000, open need, go-karting. (catergories – easiest is FMSCI junior championship + MRF junior championship categories website, internationnall FIA)

This is a great place for someone to start off, as Rayo gives your career a kickstart and sets it into motion. Till now, your entire future, rolling motion, kickstart. He has got people under his wing – two national champions one in go-karting and one in rallying. Find out more here.



We all know Smaaash for its bowling alley, cricket centre and go-karting. But what we didn’t is that Rayo Racing sets up camps in different venues of Smaaash every once in a while. So, if you are not willing to devote the time to go up till Kharadi in Pune, you can train for a bit with their trainers, and drive with the electric go-karts at Smaaash itself.

Follow Smaaash’s page here to be updated about the camps.

Volkswagen Motorsport India

Volkswagen Motorsport India

This is a little more complicated than just joining a racing school, but it is a fast track way to get a professional racing career started. The Volkswagen people organise an Ameo Cup, in which the top 20 drivers from different cities are chosen (after they race.) These top 20 are pitted against each other at a knockout challenge in Kharadi, Pune. If you win the Ameo Cup then you get to drive some of fastest cars in the country.

Follow them here for details.