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Ink Yourself : Take This Tattoo-Making Course If You're Looking To Acquire New Skills

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In case you are thinking beyond getting a tattoo, here’s a course we found you could sign up for – tattoo making!

What Makes It Awesome

Aliens Tattoo Training Institute in Malad has tattoo-making classes where you can learn how to ink yourself/friends or set up a shop of your own. According to them ”learning tattoo art is not just about learning how to ride/operate a tattoo machine, it is like any other art field where the basic necessity is the art skills that one has.”

Spread over 10 weeks, their course material includes subjects like ‘introduction to tattoo equipment’ and ‘observation of live tattoo’. As you progress, you’ll get to learn about things like portrait tattoos, shading. and after-care. The course costs INR 1,35,00 for three months where you have unlimited sessions. You can plonk yourself at the studio every day or go as you please.


We feel it's a pretty cool skill to acquire and with unlimited sessions, you can make this a full-time profession if you want.